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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The cafeteria was where study hall took place when Master Sword, and Rio got there.

Rio: Now this is really crap.
Master Sword: Think of it this way. We have two days off, and then just one еще day, and then we have the weekend.
Rio: Well, when Ты put it that way, it's kind of like we're being rewarded for bullying that mare faced stallion. What was his name, Guy?
Master Sword: Forget it, let's call him gay. He's not the reason we got suspended, it's because of Ты trying to bribe Principal Estrada.

Someone shouted their names.

Rio: Looks like our parents are here.
Master Sword: How are your parents going to act?
Rio: They might ground me until my suspension is over. Yours?
Master Sword: I don't think they'll let me drive my car.

Their names were shouted out loud again.

Rio: Alright, let's go. *Stands up with Master Sword, and goes out of study hall*
Guy: *In Principal Estrada's office*
Erik: The two ponies have been suspended. They won't be back until Friday. That should give them enough time to think about what they did, but if they still give Ты any problems, you're always welcome to come tell me.
Guy: Thank you.

Back at home, Guy had hot Собаки for ужин with his mom.

Mom: How was school?
Guy: Good, though there were two ponies that just transferred to the school.
Mom: Where did they come from?
Guy: Hunterdon Central. I guess that's why they decided to be mean to me when I offered a сиденье, место, сиденья for them at my lunch table.
Mom: Oh. Did Ты tell the principal?
Guy: Yes.
Mom: Good. Let's hope they learn their lesson.

After talking about the two ponies Guy just met, they continued eating their dinner.

2 B Continued
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Дружба — это чудо
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