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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Jake - Well?
Dan - Darkness is really from orther timeline.
Jake - As he said.
Dan - Weird.
Jake - Hm?
Dan - He radiates with wierd aura.
Jake - Who cares.


Rose - Welcome - Deathless Squadron.
Void - Uh... What is it.
Rose - I want to Показать Ты the new operation. Operation - Shadow Raid. As Ты all mostly know there are monsters 4th times bigger than Valkyries. Behemoths are connected to the mothers of these monsters. They create an plasmatic shield around their cave. We will engage 30 Valkyries to battle it.
Dan - So this is the plan. Phase One - Engage Behemoth and create barricade around the battlefield. Phase Two - destroy his personal plasmatic shield. Phase Three - Destroy meat shield around him. Phase Four - Get away from there. Lastly Phase Five is being commanded from HQ. Drop an Hydrogen Bomb onto him and that will be end of him.
Rose - If it will be end of it as that.
Dan - Meeting dismissed.

3days later

Dan - So Ты are going back after Cmmandment meeting.
Void - This Darkness can't lead my team like that.
Dan - I feel you.
Void - I feel weird about it.


Dan - Commanders! Must not fall back now! Operation Shadow Raid can be end of L-3! Alias! We may win the war!

The war starts now.
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