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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Dan - Tricky. I could think it was him. It's time to take him out. He is hiding in his bills in Georgia.
Jade - Let's kill the man then.
Shadow - I'm in it.
Dimitri - Let's go.
Yuri - For our country. Well... Your country.
Sandman. - *looks around Canterlot* everything is destroied... Damn.

Dan - *falls of the hill*
??? - *grabs him* where are they.
Dan - Shadow is pinned down with The and Dimitri. Jade location is unknown. Hank so Ты were listening to us.
Hank - I won't let my friend down let's go.
Dan - *follows him* that's the Villa
Hank - Mhmh... I leave it to you.
Dan - What? You're not helping?
Hank - I'm вверх wanted criminal and an Hitman. I can't help Ты sorry.
Dan - Alright... *gets closer to doors*
Hank - *runs away*
Dan - *reloads his M4* Huff... Let's get down that clown. Last time I saw him when they were choking me. *kick doors open*
Russian - Cyka!
Dan - *kills one but orther one jumps on him*
Jade - *breaks his neck* Go! He is running!
Dan - Let's end this war! *runs to the plane*
Tricky - Fuck!
Dan - *takes out нож and tries to stab him*
Tricky - *takes out Deagle and shoots him*
Dan - *falls on ground* Fuck!
Tricky - *puts gun to his head* Nice try! *almost pulls trigger*
Hardscope - *jumps inside through window and tackles him*
Tricky - Son of a-!
Hardscope - *chokes him*
Tricky - *punches him onto cargo plane platform*
Hardscope - *holds onto edge*
Tricky - *stabs Dan in a leg* Ты all are done *comes to Hardscope*
Hardscope - *takes out нож with one hoof stabs him in a hoof*
Tricky - *grabs his hoof* You're going down with me!
Dan - *grabs gun*
Hardscope - Shoot! Shoot for fuck sake end it!
Dan - *takes a shot*
Tricky - *gets a shot to the head and falls down from a high height*
*plane starts falling down as pilot killed himself*
Фан - Hold on Hardscope we are close to the grou-
Hardscope - *let's go of edge*
Dan - Noooooooo!

- on the ground -
Jade - *Checks Hardscope* he is OK.
Hooffman - Thanks God.
Ghost - Sorry sir we didn't have Ты information about our movement *salutes to Dan*
Dan - It's alright Ты saved my ass.
Shadow - We found Tricky dead body. He is down.
Jade - Hardscope will begin coma but he is fine.

And so the war came to the end. GlobeX without a Leader was crushed and their legacy ended. The war took 32 days. But did GlobeX...

...we're exterminated in a whole?

To Be Continued?
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