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Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

It was a dark night in Ponyville. Оружие and sirens were heard all over town.

Stallion 21: We need help over here!
Stallion 95: There's too many of Eggman's soldiers!
Stallion 86: Get us an Evac in Canterlot!!!
Stallion 66: We need help killing these Nazis!!

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SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A My Little Pony/Sonic The Hedgehog Фан Fiction

The Incredible Hedgehog In Ponyville 4

Starring Sean The Hedgehog from SeanTheHedgehog
Dan Chandler, Guy Mcintyre, George Tildon, Rebecca, and Ariane from SeanTheHedgehog
Master Sword from WindWakerGuy430
Wind from WindWakerGuy430
Ditto from Canada24
Saten Twist from Canada24
Stargazer from Triq267
Black Tuesday from Triq267
SeanTheHedgehog's Rio as Mark
Jeff from SeanTheHedgehog
With Twilight Sparkle, Mayor Mare, Sonic & Tails as themselves

And introducing new OC's from SeanTheHedgehog


The song fades away as this one begins: link

It was early in the morning. The sun was rising, and the ground was wet from a rainstorm. Fog started to rise as the sky got lighter. A black линкольн was parked near two train tracks. There were only two ponies in the car.

Rebecca: *Laying down in the backseat with Martin*
Martin: *Leans towards Rebecca, and kisses her on the lips*
Rebecca: *Kissing back as she grabs a Walther P38*
Martin: *Doesn't notice the gun until he hears a click*
Rebecca: *Pointing the gun at Martin's forehead*

Stop the song. Two shots were heard as Rebecca killed Martin.

A few hours later at a courthouse.

Sean: *Wearing sunglasses as he walks down a hallway drinking Pennsylneighnia Dutch Birch Beer*
Guy: *Sitting with Dan*
Saten Twist: *Sitting down with Black Tuesday & Stargazer*
Sean: *Walks in, and sits down Далее to Guy, and Dan*
Dan: You're late.
Sean: Shut up.
MP пони 66: All rise!
Mayor Mare: *Walks up to her podium*
MP пони 66: The court will now be in session.
Mayor Mare: *Clears her throat as she stands on her podium* Citizens of Ponyville. It has come to my attention that many ponies have commited treason by joining Eggman's army. Three ponies here today have been accused of that crime, and they are Saten Twist, Stargazer, and Black Tuesday. There is no evidence of this however, and they are to be released with no charge.
Saten Twist: Ha.
Mayor Mare: The reason there is no evidence is because the accusor, Sean The Hedgehog, made this accusation, just because they were carrying weapons. Case dismissed.
Sean: *Leaves the courtroom*
Mayor Mare: Ты better control him Mr. Chandler, или else Ты will be in big trouble.
Dan: Yes ma'am.
Sean: *Hits a button for an elevator*
Saten Twist: *Walks towards him with Black Tuesday and Stargazer*
Sean: Иисус christ. *Watches the elevator door open, and walks in*

The doors were closing, but Saten Twist still made it in with Stargazer, and Black Tuesday.

Sean: *Looks away from them*
Saten Twist: Эй, Sean. Ты just accusing us because Twilight Sparkle killed your girlfriend, радуга Dash?
Stargazer: *Laughs*
Sean: *Slams Saten Twist into a wall* Listen to me Ты little prick. I will not be disrespected by shitbags such as yourself. *Slams Saten Twist again* Got it?!
Saten Twist: Uh, yeah.
Sean: Good.

The door opened, and Sean walked out.

Later, Sean drove his Corvette to a обедающий, закусочной to get breakfast.

Sean: *Parks his car in the front of the diner. He gets out, and puts a quarter in the meter*
Ponies: *Nervously staring at Sean as he enters the diner*
Sean: *Looking at the ponies staring at him, then makes his way to the cashier* Hey. How about a Шоколад молоко with a short stack of Шоколад chip pancakes?
Cashier: Would Ты like this to go?
Sean: *Looks to the left* Sure.
Cashier: *Grabs a glass, and pours Шоколад молоко for Sean*
Sean: Thanks. *Takes a sip of his drink* Always good to have this stuff.

But when one of the workers put the plate of блины on the counter, the cashier started pouring кленовый, клен syrup on it. It quickly got to the point where it was all over the pancakes, and on the вверх of the plate.

Cashier: *Puts the блины into a plastic container*
Sean: What do I owe you?
Cashier: It's free. Go now.
Sean: Sure. *Finishes his Шоколад milk, and takes the pancakes. He heads through the side exit*

After he left, four ponies in Nazi uniforms walked out, threatening the customers.

Nazi пони 3: Alright, everyone! Dr. Eggman & Twilight Sparkle wants all of your money!
Nazi пони 4: *Holding a plastic bag*
Nazi пони 3: Put it in the bag!!
Sean: Ehem.
Nazi Ponies: *Turn around to look at Sean*
Sean: Everytime I come to this place for breakfast, I get a short stack of Шоколад chip pancakes. Today I get a short stack of Шоколад chip pancakes, with too much кленовый, клен syrup.
Nazi пони 1: So?
Sean: I just came back to complain.
Nazi пони 2: Ты better get out of here before Ты die!
Sean: Well, we're not going to let Ты walk out of here.
Nazi Pony: Who is we?
Sean: 500, M249, and me.
Nazi пони 3: Are those звезда Wars characters?
Sean: Nope. They're guns. *Pulls out his M249, and shoots seven bullets into the first two Nazi ponies*
Nazi пони 3: *Pulls out a Gewehr 43, and fires ten bullets*
Sean: *Takes cover behind the counter, then uses his 500 to shoot him in the neck*
Nazi пони 3: *Falls out through the front door*
Nazi пони 4: *Holding a pistol*
Sean: *Shoots the pistol out of the pony's hoof*
Nazi пони 4: *Pulls out an MP44*
Sean: Ah-ah. *Pointing the 500 at him*
Nazi пони 4: *Staring into the barrel of Sean's gun*

At that moment, a helicopter was heard hovering above.

Sean: Go ahead. Make my day.
пони Alliance Soldiers: *Jump down from the helicopter, and walk into the diner*
Nazi пони 4: *Drops his gun*
пони Alliance Soldier 63: Good work Sean.
Sean: Thanks.

Later in a different part of town.

Rebecca: *Driving a Volvo S90. She stops at a red traffic light*
Stallions: *Walking across the street* Hey, look at that mare. *Walking towards Rebecca*
Rebecca: *Looking at the stallions. She lowers her left window* Hey.
Stallion 4: Yes ma'am?
Rebecca: Need a lift?
Stallion 4: Sure.
Rebecca: Then shove a jack up your ass. *Drives away, running over their hooves in the process*
Stallions: Ah! *Hopping as they head back to the crosswalk*
Stallion 95: *Honks his horn in his Cadillac*
Stallions: Fuck you, we're moving!

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That night, Sean walked into a обедающий, закусочной where a special event was taking place. Only, this was for Twilight Sparkle. She was guarded by several Nazis and ponies in Nazi uniforms. None of them were armed.

Twilight: *Eating stake with her Nazi guards*
Sean: Twilight Sparkle?
Twilight: Man, what do Ты want?
Sean: To avenge my girlfriend.
Twilight: *Charging up her horn*
Sean: *Grabs his 500, and uses it to shoot off Twilight's horn* We can settle this like adults! No magic, and no bodyguards.
Twilight: Fine. All y'all clear out.
Nazis: *Leaving the room*
Sean: *Puts his gun away*
Twilight: Alright, let's settle this.
Sean: Ты remember how Ты killed радуга Dash. It was a месяц after we destroyed Eggman's yacht. радуга Dash swore to avenge Celestia after Ты betrayed, and killed her. Then Ты killed Rainbow. Ты shot her many times, in the head, the chest, and in her legs.
Twilight: Yeah, what's your point?
Sean: Not only was she important to me, being my girlfriend and all, but she was important to everyone else in this town. Now the ruler of Equestria is someone stupid enough to be working for the FBI. Even the President has еще power than him. That's not supposed to happen.
Twilight: Well I feel sorry for you, and all of Equestria, truly I do, but that doesn't mean I'm going to keep making it worse for everyone that ain't a Nazi. *Quickly pulls out a PPK*
Sean: *Uses his 500 to shoot Twilight's gun out of her hooves* Everyone deserves a секунда chance. Well, Ты just Остаться в живых yours. *Shoots Twilight between her eyes*
Twilight: *Dies, banging her head into the table, making it fall down, destroying everything that was once on вверх of the table. She falls down Далее to the table*

He left the room, just as the Nazis ran back in.

Nazi 53: Twilight Sparkle is dead!
Nazi пони 7: *Crying as he leans his head on her shoulder*

Далее morning, Rebecca drove to the Medical Center to see her sister, Ariane.

Rebecca: How is she doc?
Doctor: We've done some tests on her, and it looks like we're finally making progress. Your sister will be ready to go in just a half hour.
Rebecca: That's great. May I see her?
Doctor: Of course. I'll have to get the nurses to clear out so Ты can be alone.
Rebecca: Thank you.

After 90 seconds, Rebecca could go in to see Ariane.

Rebecca: Hello Ariane.
Ariane: Hi.
Rebecca: I did it. I killed one of them. I bought myself a gun, and killed one of the ponies that violated us in New Orleans last month.
Ariane: *Speechless*
Rebecca: I'm going back down there. I'm going to kill the rest of them. They can't escape from their crime.

Martin was finally found. He was still in his car by the two railroad tracks. State police and many ponies from the пони Alliance had the area surrounded.

Dan: *Looks at Sean walking towards him*
Sean: How Ты doing?
Dan: I should be asking Ты that question. We got word that Ты killed Twilight Sparkle.
Sean: Now we need to kill Eggman.
Dan: We don't know where he is. Right now, we need to focus on this crime scene here.
Sean: *Spots Master Sword eating something while looking at the train tracks, and walks towards him*
Master Sword: Hiya Sean.
Sean: Hey. *Looks at his burger in McDonald's wrapping, and is disgusted*
Master Sword: Who do Ты think killed that stallion?
Sean: *Looks back at the car*
Master Sword: Maybe, one of Eggman's soldiers?
Sean: Nah. *Walks away from Master Sword*
Master Sword: *Following Sean* Probably, some corrupt FBI agent.
Sean: They're all corrupt, but I doubt it's them.
Master Sword: *Takes a bite into his burger* или perhaps it's one of those State Troopers. Neigh Jersey's State Police can be corrupt too Ты know.

But at the end of his sentence, Master Sword accidentally spat out a piece of cheese which landed on the back of Sean's head.

Master Sword: Hey, what's wrong? Don't tell me this stuff is getting to you. Not a tough hedgehog such as yourself.
Sean: *Stops walking and turns around to face Master Sword* I've been doing this type of work longer than Ты have. An evil scientist travelling from one planet to another, risking the lives of millions only to kill one hedgehog and his cousin. That doesn't bother me a bit.
Master Sword: Now wait, I-
Sean: или how about having a movie director kill an actor because he doesn't like сказал(-а) actor's performance? или a store clerk stabs his boss with a butcher нож because he got fired? How about a 5th grade student throwing his teacher out of a секунда story window, and breaking her neck because he got detention? No, that doesn't bother me. But Ты know what really bothers me? Watching Ты stuff your face with that fucking Triple Mac. No one, I mean no one would be stupid enough to eat something unhealty like that!
Master Sword: But it's good.
Sean: Ты clearly haven't heard of fruit, and vegetables.

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That night, Sean was at Shoprite, walking back to his car with groceries.

Nazi 55: *In an Opel Blitz with three еще Nazis, and four Nazi ponies*
Nazi 76: *Spots Sean* That's him, right there.
Nazi 68: He killed Twilight. Now we avenge her.

The eight of them got out. Seven of them had MP40's. One of the ponies had a Gewehr43.

Sean: *Sees the Nazis coming towards him, and runs away while dropping his groceries*
Nazi пони 67: He spotted us!
Nazi пони 39: Get him!
Nazi пони 72: *Fires three bullets from his Gewehr43*
Sean: *Turns left, and runs alongside a wall*
Nazi 55: He's probably hiding somewhere.
Nazi 76: Take it slow.

Stop the song. When they turned to the left, they didn't see Sean anywhere. In front of them was a garbage container. To the right was a trailer with Colta-Cola markings.

Nazi 76: He's in the garbage container.
Nazi Ponies: *Shooting the garbage container*
Nazis: *Shooting the garbage container*

After ten секунды of using up all the ammo in their clips, they walked up to the container, and opened the lid. Nothing was inside, except for a bunch of garbage bags, riddled with holes from their bullets.

Sean: *Opens the door of the trailer, and shoots the Nazis, and Nazi Ponies with his M249 Machine Gun* Glad that's over. *Jumps down from the trailer, and walks away*
Dan: *In his office with Guy and Sean, the Далее morning* We heard Ты had a fight last night with eight enemies.
Sean: Yes sir. Eight Nazis. Four of them happened to be ponies.
Guy: Mayor Mare has been breathing down our necks. Ever since радуга Dash's demise, you've been fighting this war...
Sean: *Gives Guy an angry look*
Guy: ...well...
Dan: What he's trying to say is that you're letting vengeance ruin your record.
Sean: I don't care about my record.
Dan: Then perhaps it's time we gave Ты some time off.
Sean: Am I being suspended?
Dan: No. We're giving Ты a vacation.
Sean: I don't want to go on vacation.
Dan: Too bad.
Sean: *Walks away, heading for the door*
Guy: Think about your future. This is one hell of a game you're playing.
Sean: *Opens the door, facing Guy* Funny. I never thought of this war as a game.

Song: link

Sean was in his backyard, nailing targets to trees for him to shoot at. He had three targets set up, and walked back to a дерево stump where he had a polished case waiting to be opened. The case was made of wood, and was shining in the sunlight. Далее to the case was a glass of water. Four ice cubes were also in the glass.

Sean: *Takes out a white rag, wiping the lid, making it cleaner*

A Toyota Corolla stopped in front of the house. A tiny human with brown hair walked out. He was wearing a green cap, a white рубашка with two black stripes, light grey pants, and brown shoes.

Sean: *Takes a sip of his water. Then he opens the case, and takes his 500 out. He then pushes the lid down, closing the case*

The human was holding a Mossberg 500, with a custom grip.

Sean: *Kneels down, scratching his left leg just above the ankle*

The human was getting closer. He passed the house, and saw Sean standing in front of his targets.

Sean: *Points his 500 at the target on the left*

The human grabbed the grip on the pump, and moved it back. The насос moved вперед after that. His shotgun was loaded with eight shells, and one of them was about to be used.

Sean: *Slowly pulls the hammer down on his 500. He looks to the right, but spins around to the left, pointing his gun at the human*
Wind: *Startled as he takes a step back*
Sean: *Smiles* Good morning.
Wind: Dammit Sean. Why do Ты always do that?
Sean: I never get tired of seeing that look on your face.
Wind: *Nods* Well, I won't get tired of seeing the look on the faces of Eggman's soldiers when they get shot by my 500. A shotgun. *Fires a shell at the middle target, hitting the head, then aims at the right target, hitting the stomach* They go down, and Ты still got the fingerprints.
Sean: *Holding his gun* Well this is a Smith & Wesson 500. I made some special modifications, one of them being the upgraded shells that carry six bullets with hollow points for еще stopping power. If used properly, it can remove the fingerprints. *Fires two bullets at the left target. They both go into the head*
Wind: Not bad.
Sean: Yeah, but it would be nice if we had Eggman in our custody.
Wind: *Watching Sean drink some еще water* Sonic and Tails called. They found Eggman snooping around New Orleans.
Sean: At least they finally found something down there.
Wind: Even better, Dan and Guy don't know about it. They want Ты to go on vacation, right?
Sean: *Smiles* You're a genius.

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Rebecca drove her car all of the way from Ponyville to New Orleans. She got a room at The Relax Inn.

Maid: *Watches her walk towards the door* Ты came all of the way from Neigh Jersey?
Rebecca: Yep.
Maid: Did Ты come from Trenton?
Rebecca: No. Ponyville.
Maid: Never heard of it.
Rebecca: *Walks into her room* This is perfect.

The song fades away as she begins to have a flashback. One месяц ago, during a cloudy night at Audubon Park, Rebecca was with her sister. She remembered the group of ponies that raped her, as well as her sister, and was burning with the desire to get her revenge.

Rebecca: They can't get away with what they've done. I won't let any of them live.

Song: link

Several hours later, back at Ponyville, it was night time. Sean was driving his Corvette away from Gamestop. He had collected some new characters for Lego Dimensions.

Saten Twist: *In a Pontiac with Stargazer, and Black Tuesday*
Stargazer: Let's Показать him who the real shitbag is. *Starts his car, and follows Sean*
Sean: *Passes a rain puddle*
Black Tuesday: *Opens his window, and sticks out a baseball bat*
Saten Twist: *Opens his window, sticking out a plank with a nail*
Stargazer: *Watches Sean* He's stopping. Hurry up before the traffic clears up ahead of him.
Sean: *Moves forward, passing a yield sign*
Black Tuesday: Go!
Stargazer: *Floors it, lightly ramming the back of Sean's car*
Sean: *Looks behind him, and sees the three ponies. He floors it*
Stargazer: *Following Sean*

They went around a circle, and turned right, onto a road heading for a railroad crossing.

Saten Twist: Get closer!
Stargazer: His car's too fast.
Black Tuesday: *Holding a molotov* Then we use the cocktails.
Saten Twist: *Throws the lighter to Black Tuesday*
Black Tuesday: *Lights a molotov, and throws it at Sean's car*

The molotov hit the back of his car, and it was in flames.

Sean: *Looking back at the огонь behind him*
Saten Twist: Ты hit his gas tank! Excellent!
Sean: *Heading for the railroad crossing, and stops directly on the train tracks*
Saten Twist: Run him over!
Stargazer: *Smiling as he drives towards Sean*
Sean: *Pulls a chair out of his car and sets it on fire. He moves out of the way and throws it through the front window of Stargazer's car*
Black Tuesday: Fuck!!
Stargazer: I can't see!! *Gets on the sidewalk, and goes up a small hill, crashing into a Конфеты shop*
Sean: *Running away from his car, heading towards Stargazer*

It blew up as the grey hedgehog got towards the Конфеты shop.

Saten Twist: *Gets out of the car with his plank*
Sean: *Kicks Saten Twist, and grabs his plank. He uses the nail to hit his head*
Saten Twist: Ah!!

The огонь was slowly spreading in Stargazer's car. The other two ponies got out. Black Tuesday had his bat, while Stargazer ran into the shop, hoping to find something to stop the огонь damaging his car.

Sean: *Steps on Saten Twist's neck, breaking it*
Black Tuesday: *Swings his bat at Sean*
Sean: *Dodges, and hits Black Tuesday in the stomach*
Black Tuesday: Oh! *Falls down*
Sean: *Hits him two еще times*
Stargazer: *Runs out of the Магазин with a огонь extinguisher*
Sean: *Grabs his 500 and shoots Stargazer*

Stop the song

Sean: *Looking at the three dead ponies* I told Ты bastards, I wouldn't be disrespected.

Далее morning, two tow trucks arrived to Переместить away the two cars. A few police cars, and пони Alliance Suburbans were there.

Dan: What's wrong with you? I know things didn't go your way in court, but Ты didn't have to murder those three.
Sean: I didn't start the fight. They came after me.
Dan: Well now Ты got Mayor Mare in a very foul mood. Go on vacation! I don't care when Ты get back, just don't cause anymore trouble!
Sean: *Walks away, heading back to the railroad crossing*
Wind: *Standing on the other side of the street. He whistles to Sean*
Sean: *Looks to the right, facing Master Sword*

Later, Sean was in a гараж with Wind, Master Sword, and George Tildon.

George: If Ты still plan to go after Eggman in New Orleans, we worked together to modify this 2010 Chrysler 300.
Sean: Well that's very nice of you, but it's not neccessary. It's not that I don't like it, I just want my Corvette back.
George: Do Ты want to wait a whole месяц for it to be fixed?
Sean: No.
George: Then this is your car.
Master Sword: *Holding a bag* Inside here is the key, and the manual. It'll tell Ты everything Ты need to know about our work.
Wind: And we also packed some extra ammo for you.

Song: link

Sean drove his new car all the way down to New Orleans. It only took him a день to enter town.

Sean: *Parks his car at the Relax Inn*
Maid: *Walks over to Sean* Another guest from Neigh Jersey.
Sean: *Smiles* Yeah. Показать me to my room please.
Maid: Right this way.

The song fades away as Sean walks into his room. It didn't take him long to settle in. A few минуты he went for a walk.

Sean: *Walks by the Chevron Gas Station* I Любовь this town. Why didn't I come here for an actual vacation sooner? *Hears gunshots, and looks at a group of Nazis running towards a Ford Fusion.
Nazis: *Getting in the car, and driving away*
Stallion 73: Wait a minute! That's my car!
Sean: *Sees a Ram 2500, and gets inside*
Stallion 80: *Walking away from the truck* Can I help you?
Stallion 73: I just want my car back.
Sean: *Starts the engine, and takes off. The hose comes off of the pump, and is still in the tank*

Song: link

Stallion 80: Whoa!! *Running towards his truck, but he trips over the hose, and falls down*
Rebecca: *Arrives in her Volvo* What did I miss?
Sean: *Passes the highway intersection, and spots the Nazis in the Fusion*
Nazi 75: *Looks back* That truck is gaining on us.
Nazi Driver: *Flooring it, he turns left at a railroad crossing, driving on the train tracks*
Sean: *Following them on the train tracks*
Nazi 75: Grab your weapons! Slow him down! *Gets an MP40*
Nazi 42: *Grabs an MP44*
Nazi 96: *Gets a Kar98k*
Sean: *Lowers his window as he grabs his 500*
Nazi 75 & 42: *Shooting through the back window*
Sean: *Ducks as a few bullets hit his front window*
Nazi 96: *Sticking his винтовка out of the window*
Sean: *Shoots his винтовка out of his hands*
Nazi 96: *Gets a Luger*
Nazi 75: *Continues shooting the front window of Sean's truck*
Sean: *Shoots Nazi 75 in the head*

Sean then heard someone yawning. He looked back, and saw a startled colt.

Colt: *Looking at Sean's gun*
Sean: *Looking back at the colt* Stay down unless Ты want your head blown off.
Colt: Are Ты the good guy?
Sean: Yes I am. *Fires another bullet, hitting Nazi 42 in the neck*
Nazi 96: *Lowers his seat*
Nazi Driver: What are Ты doing?
Nazi 96: Grabbing the MP44.
Sean: *Looks up ahead, and sees three small yellow lights* Oh that can't be good.

Up ahead was a train. It was heading straight towards Sean and the Nazis.

Nazi 96: *Grabs the MP44* Got it. *Looks back, and sees the train*
Nazi Driver: We must make it to the crossing first.
Nazi 96: Don't do it.
Nazi Driver: We can make it!

The engineer of the train blew the horn, and the crossing gates were activated.

Sean: *Floors it* Stay down kid, this is gonna be close!
Nazi 96: *Watching the gates go down*
Nazi Driver: *Turns left, passing the gates*
Engineer: *Blows the horn again*
Sean: *Turns left. The gate scratches the roof of the truck as it continues going down*
Engineer: *Passes the crossing in his train* Only on CSX.
Nazi Driver: *Turns right, going down the highway*
Nazi 96: *Watches the truck following them, and shoots at him with the MP44. He misses, but one of the bullets hits the hose, making it fall out of the tank. Another bullet hit the tank's door, making it close*
Colt: My dad's not gonna like that.
Sean: Then we better end this chase soon.
Nazi 96: I'm out of ammo. Give me еще clips. *Grabs his Luger*
Nazi Driver: *Gives him two clips* Don't lose these.
Sean: *Shoots Nazi 96 between the eyes*
Nazi Driver: *Grabs the Luger* It's up to me to stop the grey hedgehog.
Sean: *Shoots two еще bullets. One of them hits the left tail light, and the other hits the tailpipe*
Nazi Driver: *Hearing the tailpipe rattling* That's not good. I better lose him. *Turns left, crossing over grass, and onto the left section of the highway*
Colt: Why is he going down the wrong side of the road?
Sean: To try and lose us, but don't worry. We'll catch him.
Nazi Driver: *Turns left onto a dirt road*
Sean: *Drifts, crossing over the grass, and the highway as he follows on the dirt road*
Nazi Driver: *Continues going straight as he passes a pile of gravel*
Sean: I only got one еще bullet. I gotta make this count.
Nazi Driver: *Going slower* Perhaps I should have stuck to the highway.
Sean: We're catching up. *Rams the back of the Fusion*
Nazi Driver: *Stops, and runs out*
Sean: *Stops the truck* I'll be back. *Turns off the engine as he runs out*
Nazi Driver: *Fires three bullets*
Sean: *Taking cover by the side of the car. He runs after the Nazi, firing his last bullet. It knocks the Luger out of his enemy's hand*
Nazi Driver: *Looks back at Sean, still chasing after him*
Sean: Stop. I can catch Ты either way. Ты won't get anywhere by running.
Nazi Driver: That's what Ты think. *Grabs a small cyanide pill, and puts it in his mouth*
Sean: *Dives on the Nazi*
Nazi Driver: *As he falls down, he accidentally spits out his cyanide pill* Dammit!
Sean: Now you're going to come with me.
Colt: *Comes out of the truck* That was awesome!
Sean: I hope your dad will agree.

Sean took the Nazi to a base where пони Alliance soldiers were under command by Ditto. He was a Lieutenant Colonel.

Ditto: So, you're from Ponyville, huh?
Sean: *Watching two ponies take away the Nazi*
Ditto: We are grateful for the man Ты brought in for questioning, but we don't need anymore help from you. This city's nothing like Ponyville. It's a big city, for professionals. We don't need smalltown amateurs lousing up our hard work. Dismissed.
Sean: *Walks away*
Sonic: *With Tails* Sean?
Sean: *Sees Sonic and Tails* Hello Ты two.
Tails: Wind сказал(-а) you'd stop by.
Sean: Did they ever give Ты two leave, или have Ты been working here non-stop?
Sonic: Nah, we had a few weeks to visit Mobius.
Tails: Have Ты found Eggman yet?
Sean: No, but I think I found someone who can help us. They're interrogating him now.

Song: link

Five минуты later, Sean was at a bar.

Sean: *Sitting Далее to an оранжевый stallion*
Scruff: *Playing darts with a brown stallion* Ha! That's the 3rd time in a row I beat your pathetic ass.
Brown Stallion: Ah fuck you.
Scruff: Fuck me? That's a great idea. Why don't we go to my place, and do just that?
Brown Stallion: Piss off. *Walks away*
Scruff: Fine. You're nothing but a queer anyway.
Sean: *Looks at Scruff trying to hit on another stallion*
Scruff: What about you? Ты want some fun?
Pegasus: I'm married. *Drinking a Bud Light*
Scruff: Yeah, right. *Walks over to Sean* Well, here's something Ты don't see everyday. Why don't we have some fun together?
Sean: *Looks away from Scruff, and drinks a Miller Light*
Scruff: Hey, don't give me the cold shoulder. I bet there's some Вопросы Ты wanna ask me.
Sean: Yeah. Why don't Ты take a hike?
Scruff: Oh no Ты don't. You're coming with me.
Sean: *Punches Scruff. He gets out of his chair, and kicks her onto the ground*

Everyone stopped having their drinks, and looked at Sean. They all seemed agitated.

оранжевый Stallion: Ты looking for trouble?
Sean: I'm looking for Doctor Eggman. I'm with the пони Alliance, and I got reports that he was in this city.
Scruff: *Backing away*
оранжевый Stallion: *Laughing* This is a big city. Good luck finding him.
Others: *Laughing*
Sean: Yeah, thank Ты for your time. *Walks away*

Sean returned to his room at the inn, and saw that he got a note.

Sean: *Opens the note* What is this? *Reads the note*

Dear Sean, give me a call when the job is done. Wind and I will come over with some Главная made cognac. Master Sword.

Sean: Never had коньяк before, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt.

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Далее morning, Rebecca drove towards Lake Pontchartrain. She was looking for another stallion.

Rebecca: *Parks Далее to a blue Mercury* This is his car alright.
Mark: *Sitting in a пляж, пляжный chair, enjoying the sun*
Rebecca: *Walks towards Mark*
Mark: *Looks at Rebecca* What's a nice mare like Ты doing on a nice день like this?
Rebecca: *Pulls out her Walther 38*
Mark: *Looks at the gun* What's that for?!
Rebecca: Remember me? You, and a group of ponies raped me, and my sister for no good reason.
Mark: Wait, we can make a deal! Don't kill me!!

Stop the song

Rebecca: *Shoots Mark twice*
Mark: *Falls down onto the ground*

Sean was back at the base with Sonic and Tails.

Sean: What do Ты mean they killed him?
Sonic: Ditto wasn't satisfied. He claims the soldier Ты brought in refused to answer any questions, and they killed him.
Sean: *Looks in Ditto's office* Ты mind if I go in there?
Tails: He's not here at the moment.
Sean: *Walks towards Ditto's office*
Sonic: What do Ты want to go in there for?
Sean: *Finds a picture on his desk* This mare. *Points at Scruff standing Далее to Ditto, and Trevor* Do any of Ты know her?
Sonic: Everyone knows her. She's been in New Orleans ever since she was born.
PA пони 67: *Walks over to Tails* We found a dead пони at Lake Pontchartrain. Ditto requested backup.
Tails: Got it.
Sean: I'll go.

Sean went over to where Mark was killed. Ditto and several other stallions from the пони Alliance were observing the crime scene.

Sean: What happened?
Ditto: Why did Ты come down here?
Sean: Because Ты asked for backup.
Ditto: Why did Ты come to this city at all?
Sean: To stop Eggman, and his army once and for all. Maybe Ты don't give a fuck about one stallion dying, but whoever's doing this could create a much bigger crime scene with еще dead ponies.
Ditto: What makes Ты think one of Eggman's soldiers killed that stallion?
Sean: Ты take a look at the bullet, and you'll see it came from a Walther 38. The same thing happened up in Ponyville. If Ты let me do my job, I can stop this once and for all!
Sean: *Nods* Fine. I see how it is. *Walks away* I guess Ты don't want to find out who's responsible for killing that pony.

Scruff went into a convenience store, owned by another stallion named Komano.

Scruff: Эй, faggot.
Komano: How many times do I have to tell Ты not to come into my store? You're not allowed here.
Scruff: Listen, Ты know that mare we saw last month? I think she's finally back.
Komano: What mare?
Scruff: Don't play cute with me Ты shit. Rebecca Murtock?
Komano: So what?
Scruff: Mark was killed half an час ago. I saw it on the news.
Komano: *Turns around to walk away*
Scruff: And do Ты remember Martin?
Komano: *Looks back at Scruff*
Scruff: The same thing happened to him in Neigh Jersey. So much for a pleasant vacation.
Komano: What does this have to do with me?
Scruff: Ты stuck up prick. Ты raped her just like everypony else.
Komano: I was forced to by Greaseball.
Scruff: Say, Ты just gave me an idea.
Komano: Don't Ты bring that nut case over here. He doesn't need to get involved!
Scruff: I'll tell him Ты сказал(-а) that. Oh and uh, pack a gun, just in case. *Pulls out a Beretta* Hahahaha. *Walks away as she continues to laugh*

Later, Sean went to a small store that sold fish. The manager was a mare named Emma. Working with her was Kip, and Jeff.

Sean: Excuse me, are Ты Emma?
Emma: What do Ты want?
Sean: I'm here on behalf of your husband. I'd like to ask Ты a few questions.
Emma: I'm not answering your questions.
Sean: It's very important.
Kip: Are Ты deaf? The lady doesn't want to answer your questions.
Sean: Why don't Ты focus on your job there buddy?
Kip: *Walking towards Sean* Why don't Ты learn some manners?
Sean: *Punches Kip*
Jeff: *Running towards Sean*
Sean: *Pulls out his 500 and points it at Jeff*
Jeff: *Stops, nervously staring at the 500*

Just then, Sean heard the click of another gun. He looked at Emma, carrying a rifle.

Emma: Ты shoot him and you're roadkill.
Sean: I'll be back. *Puts his gun away* Ты can't hold information from the пони Alliance that long.

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St. Petersburg Florida

US Military Ponies: *Marching in a band, playing music*
Greaseball: *In an apartment, having sex with a mare* So, tell me, what are Ты doing tomorrow?
Mare: None of your business shit for brains.
Greaseball: *Slaps her* Not what I wanna hear! What are Ты doing tomorrow?
Mare: The same thing I'm doing now.
Greaseball: That's better honey. Much better. *Hears his phone* Goddammit! *Picks up the phone, and Ответы it* What do Ты want?! Scruff? Long time, no see....I understand. I'll be over first thing tomorrow. *Hangs up*

Back in New Orleans.

Sean: *On the phone at пони Alliance HQ* Master Sword?
Master Sword: Hey, how's everyone down south treating you?
Sean: Fine for the most part. I got my hands on a bullet from one of our victims. It came from a Walther 38. The same gun used to kill Martin by Packer's Island.
Master Sword: Sounds like you're close to finding one of Eggman's soldiers.
Sean: I just want to find that fat bastard in general.
Master Sword: Well, things have been pretty quiet up here, so me and Wind will come see Ты soon. We'll try to get to your place tomorrow morning.
Sean: Okay. Catch Ты two later.
Sonic: *Arrives with Tails* We got something that might interest you.

In another room, Sean, Sonic, and Tails were looking over some information about their victims.

Sean: Both ponies were part of Eggman's army.
Sonic: So it's not one of Eggman's soldiers going around murdering others.
Tails: Whoever it is must be trying to do us a favor.
Sean: What I don't understand is why they would Присоединиться up with Eggman, then leave two weeks later. He's a terrible person and all, but there's gotta be еще to it than that.
Sonic: They accidentally killed over ten Nazis when they threw a grenade into a gas station. They were with a few others when that incident occurred.
Tails: Scruff was also one of them, then Ты got Greaseball. It was his idea to throw the grenade in there.
Sean: He sounds psychotic.
Sonic: He is. Be very careful around him, if your paths ever cross.
Sean: I'll try.

Rebecca was by the Mississippi river. She parked her car on Rebenstich Drive, in front of a house with a garage. Komano was inside, modifying a Chrysler 200.

Komano: *Gets out from under his car, and goes to his work bench. He grabs a can of Sprite, and drinks some*
Rebecca: *Walks into the garage, pointing her 38 at Komano* Good afternoon.
Komano: They told me you'd be coming back.
Rebecca: What happened a месяц назад will never happen again.
Komano: Look. I was forced to go. Ты remember Greaseball? That son of a сука made me have sex with you. We were both raped. I didn't want any part of it. Let me live. I-I-I could even help you.
Rebecca: I already have help. Say hello to Walther. *Shoots Komano in the head*

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Four hours later, it was dark. Sean decided to have ужин at a restaurant with a patio. He looked around to see if there was a таблица for him to sit down.

Rebecca: *Spots Sean* Excuse me, would Ты like to sit with me? I'm leaving soon anyway.
Sean: Um, sure. *Sits down with Rebecca* Thank you.
Rebecca: You're welcome. My name is Rebecca by the way. Rebecca Murtock.
Sean: Nice to meet Ты Rebecca. I'm Sean.
Waiter: Would Ты like something to drink sir?
Sean: Just a water.
Waiter: Right away. *Walks off to get the water*
Sean: Ты come here often?
Rebecca: Let's just say this is also my first time here. You're with the пони Alliance, aren't you?
Sean: How'd Ты figure that out?
Rebecca: I saw Ты chase down those Nazis who украл, палантин a car from the gas station yesterday. You're either with the пони Alliance, или a deranged Clint Eastwood knock-off.
Sean: Ты make money from being an analyst?
Rebecca: I got a job, but analyzing ponies, или hedgehogs isn't one of them. You're not from around here, are you?
Sean: No. Ponyville. I've been transferred down here to find a murder suspect.
Rebecca: Tell me about it.
Sean: It all started when someone got murdered in Ponyville by two train tracks. I was just transferred down here to find Eggman, but then I saw one пони got killed by a lake earlier this morning.
Rebecca: So finding Eggman's not your biggest priority anymore.
Sean: He's low on supplies, and so is the rest of his army. Plus I found out an час назад that he teleported back to Mobius.
Rebecca: Well it was a pleasure meeting you. I hope we can see each other again soon. *Walks away from the table*
Sean: *Hears his phone go off, and Ответы it* Yeah?
Tails: Our suspect struck again. I'm sending Ты the coordinates of the crime scene.
Sean: *Hears a chime as he recieves a text message* I got it. Thanks.
Waiter: Here's your water. Are Ты ready to order?
Sean: No. Give me the bill.

Down at Komano's house, Sean met up with Ditto again.

Ditto: And The Lone Ranger has made a comeback.
Sean: Nice to see Ты too. What happened here?
Ditto: Someone died.
Sean: Yeah, I can see that Ditto, but how did it happen?
Ditto: A bullet from a 38 to the head. Why don't Ты go back to Ponyville where Ты belong?
Sean: Because Ты need my help.
Ditto: *Furious* This is not funny!
Sean: I never сказал(-а) it was.
Ditto: I don't need Ты snooping around like a detective!
Sean: Don't Ты even care about what's going on?
Ditto: *Looks at Sean, his fury getting bigger. He decides to say nothing, and walk away*
Sonic: *Walks up to Sean* This is Scruff's address. Go there, and warn her.
Sean: Where does this пони fall into everything?
Sonic: Komano? He was with Greaseball and the others when they decided to rape a mare and her sister a месяц ago.
Sean: Alright, then it's possible these ponies are being killed for a completely different reason. Maybe Eggman and his army has nothing to do with them.
Sonic: I came up with that possibility too.

Over at Scruff's house, a taxi stopped, and Greaseball stepped out.

Scruff: *Drinking a Miller Light when she hears the doorbell. She goes to her door, and opens it* Greaseball!
Greaseball: Hey, good to see Ты again. *Steps into the house*
Scruff: I thought you'd be here tomorrow.
Greaseball: *Looks at his watch* So I'm four hours early.
Scruff: *Laughing*

Another car stopped near Scruff's house. It was Rebecca in her Volvo.

Rebecca: That сука is gonna pay. If I just stayed with Ariane at our hotel instead of listening to that purple menace, I wouldn't have been violated. *Sees another car coming towards her, and ducks*
Sean: *Stops his 300 behind Rebecca's Volvo. He gets on his phone, and talks to Sonic* Hey, I need Ты to run a license plate for me. Neigh Jersey license plates are, Adam, Ida, Queen, 5, 4, Charles.
Sonic: Okay. I'll call Ты back when I get something.
Sean: *Steps out of his car, and walks towards the house*
Greaseball: *Laughing with Scruff, until they hear the doorbell*
Scruff: You're the only пони I'm expecting.
Sean: *Opens the door, and walks in*
Greaseball: That's definitely not a pony.
Sean: I only stopped by to give Ты a warning.
Scruff: What, Ты working with the пони that killed Martin, Mark, and Komano?
Sean: No, I'm trying to prevent him from killing Ты and your friend.
Scruff: It's a she dip-shit.
Greaseball: I don't trust you.
Scruff: Neither do I.
Sean: Well congratulations, I'm trying to help Ты and this is the thanks I get.
Scruff: Get him!
Greaseball: *Runs towards Sean to try and attack him*
Sean: *Ducks, and makes Greaseball trip*
Scruff: No! *Running towards Sean*
Sean: *Punches Scruff, and slams her head into a glass table*
Greaseball: *Grabs a baseball bat*
Sean: *Pulls out his 500, and points it at Greaseball*
Greaseball: *Stops, cold*
Sean: You're coming with me. *Looks at Scruff* And, remember what I сказал(-а) earlier. *Walks away with Greaseball*
Rebecca: *Slowly poking her head out of a bush, she watches Sean walk to his car with Greaseball*
Sean: Make yourself comfortable. *Sits in the car with Greaseball, and drives away*
Scruff: *Holding her nose as she sits down, looking at a mirror*
Rebecca: *Walks into the house, pointing her 38 at Scruff*
Scruff: So, Ты finally found me.
Rebecca: Get up Ты asshole.
Scruff: *Standing up* How's your sister? She still getting it on with twenty stallions a day?
Rebecca: *Shoots Scruff in the head, and in her neck*

Later at HQ, Sean dropped off Greaseball.

Sean: I'll be back to interrogate Ты later, there's one other пони I gotta speak to.
Greaseball: Going back to Scruff?
Sean: No, his name is Trevor.
Greaseball: Good luck with that.
Sean: *Walks to a guard* Don't let him leave no matter what.
Guard 75: Yes sir.
Sean: *Walking towards his car*
Rebecca: *Walking towards Sean* Hey, I knew I'd see Ты again. Where ya heading?
Sean: Don't know. Where are Ты heading?
Rebecca: Don't know either.
Sean: Why don't we head over to your place?
Rebecca: Uh, it's being renovated.
Sean: Alright, we'll head to my place. *Gets into his car with Rebecca*
Kip & Jeff: *Arrives in a GMC Denali*

Sean didn't know that Rebecca also stayed at the Relax Inn. When they arrived, he took her into his room. They played a few rounds of Uno.

Sean: I think you'd like Ponyville, или Neigh Jersey in general.
Rebecca: I've been there before. I actually live in Ponyville too.
Sean: What brings Ты down here?
Rebecca: I'm on a business trip.
Sean: For what, advertising?
Rebecca: Yeah.
Sean: *Puts down a blue 4* Uno.
Rebecca: *Places a blue 2*
Sean: *Puts down a blue 5* I told Ты I'd win again.
Rebecca: At least I won the first round. Ты have the time?
Sean: *Looks on his phone* 8:24.
Rebecca: I have to go. *Rushes out of the room*
Sean: *Watching her leave* I have a feeling I'll be seeing her again. *Hears his phone ringing, and Ответы it* Yes?
Sonic: We have a problem. Two ponies arrived and killed several of our guards.
Sean: Do they have Greaseball?
Sonic: Yeah. I'd run after them, but my leg is wounded. Also, I got that license plate for you.
Sean: Oh no. No, forget that. That turned out to be nothing.

He got into his car, and left The Relax Inn. As soon as he did, Wind and Master Sword arrived.

Wind: *Steps out of his car with Master Sword* Okay Master Sword, let's start this party.
Master Sword: The party doesn't start until Sean gets here.
Greaseball: *Walks towards them with Kip, and Jeff* Ты must be thinking of the same Sean I'm thinking of. Aren't you?
Wind & Master Sword: *Staring at each other*

Later Sean went back to Emma. She was in a foul mood.

Emma: I don't know where they are, I don't want to answer any of your questions! Leave me alone!!! *Closes the door to her рыба store*
Sean: *Opens the door, and pulls out his 500. He shoots two bullets at the Стена barely missing Emma's head* This Далее bullet will hit Ты if Ты don't answer my questions.
Emma: *Goes down, and grabs her rifle*
Sean: *Shoots Emma, making her drop her rifle. He walks towards her, and kicks her onto the ground* Ты need to listen еще often.
Emma: Alright. Ты wanna know where Greaseball is? He's with Kip and Jeff looking for you. Then they're going to kill that whore they raped last month. Rebecca Murtock.
Sean: Rebecca Murtock? She must be the one that killed Martin, Mark, and Komano.
Emma: And Scruff.
Sean: Do Ты know if she's staying anywhere?
Emma: The Relax Inn.
Sean: That's where I'm staying. Thanks for doing something right for once. *Walks away*
Emma: Hey! What about my wound?! I need medical attention!
Sean: *Turns around, and looks at Emma* Okay. Here's your medical attention. *Kicks Emma, knocking her out cold*

Sean made it back to The Relax Inn to check on Rebecca. Instead, he found that Wind and Master Sword were dead.

Over at Trevor's house, Rebecca slowly made her way upstairs carrying her 38.

Trevor: *Staring out a window*
Rebecca: *Pointing her gun at Trevor* Ты there. Turn around.
Trevor: *Stares out the window*
Rebecca: I сказал(-а) turn around.
Ditto: He's brain dead.
Rebecca: *Turns around, and looks at Ditto*
Ditto: Left for vacation in Florida a few days after he raped you, when a semi crashed into his car, and crushed him between his truck, and a tree. I knew when he told me that he raped Ты along with Greaseball, Scruff, Martin, Komano, and Mark that I had to cover up his tracks. Not just his, but also the others. No one would be happy if they knew someone working for the пони Alliance had a son involved in something horrible. Ты go ahead, and kill him if Ты want. He won't even feel a thing. He doesn't even remember what he did to you.
Greaseball: But I do. *Walks into the room with Kip, and Jeff. He is pointing a shotgun at Rebecca* Drop your gun.
Rebecca: *Drops her gun*
Greaseball: Kick it over here.
Rebecca: *Kicks her gun towards Greaseball*
Greaseball: *Picks up Rebecca's 38* So, Ты also joined Eggman's army, didn't you?
Rebecca: I bought it. I'm not with Eggman's army.
Greaseball: Oh well. We almost had something in common.
Ditto: Where are Ты taking her?
Greaseball: Back to Audubon Park. Your service has been appreciated, but we don't need Ты anymore. *Shoots Ditto in the head, then shoots Trevor*
Kip: Christ Greaseball, nopony сказал(-а) anything about murdering Ditto.
Jeff: или his son.
Greaseball: Don't sweat it man. *Holding the 38* We just got ourselves a little freebee.

They walked out of the house, when they saw someone that made them scared. Except Rebecca. She was smiling when she saw who it was.

Sean: *Standing by his 300, holding his M249*
Greaseball: What are we waiting for?! Shoot him!!!!!
Sean: *Shoots Kip, and Jeff*
Greaseball: *Pushing Rebecca as he runs away*
Sean: *Chasing Greaseball*
Rebecca: Sean, help me!!
Greaseball: *Using the 38 to shoot two bullets at Sean*
Sean: *Holding his 500 as he continues chasing Rebecca*
Greaseball: *Going through a driveway, then makes it to the park with Rebecca*
Rebecca: You're really going through with this. You're going to rape me again, aren't you?
Greaseball: At the exact same spot too. With Kip and Jeff gone, I'll score me a hole in one on the golf course.
Rebecca: Providing that Sean doesn't stop you.
Sean: *Fires a bullet, but misses*

They made it onto part of the golf course. Greaseball stopped near a big pond, then turned around to face Sean as he pointed the 38 at Rebecca's face.

Greaseball: Rebecca's going to meet her fate with her own gun!
Sean: *Stops as he lowers his gun*
Greaseball: Ты know I'm not bluffing. I can still rape her even if she's dead! What can Ты do with her if she dies?! Nothing!! *Laughing*
Sean: Come on Ты bastard. Make my day.
Greaseball: I'll shoot her, then I'll shoot you! *Laughing*
Sean: *Shoots Greaseball*
Greaseball: Ah!! *Lets go of Rebecca as he falls into the water* I can't swim!! I can't swim!! *Looks at a крокодил coming towards him* Oh shit!! *Gets eaten* Ah!!!!!

Back at Trevor's house, Sean had a discussion with Rebecca as Sonic, Tails, and other PA members observed the crime scene.

Sean: Ты wanted to kill Martin, Mark, Komano, Scruff, Trevor, and Greaseball for something they did to Ты and your sister last month, at that park we were just at. I understand how Ты feel, but that's not how Ты handle those type of ponies.
Rebecca: *Angry* I know what you're gonna do now. You're gonna have me handed over to the police so that I can be arrested for murder. Where was the police when I needed them last month? Where were they when I got violated with my sister?! The пони Alliance says they'll make things better for every single пони on this planet, but at what cost? To have innocent ponies like me thrown into jail? There is no such thing as justice. You're a fool to believe that.
Sonic: *Returns with Tails*
Sean: How's your leg?
Sonic: Better. *Holding a Walther 38* We found this near Greaseball's remains. His hoofprints are on it.
Rebecca: *Staring at Sean*
Sonic: Any clues?
Sean: I think you'll find that Greaseball was the one who killed those ponies. He didn't want any of his Друзья to let anyone know what happened last месяц when they raped Rebecca. We already know they were involved with raping her, and her sister, but Greaseball didn't know about our intel.
Sonic: Okay. That's a wrap. Let's get back to finding Eggman, and destroy the remains of his army.

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Sean The Hedgehog from SeanTheHedgehog
Dan Chandler, Guy Mcintyre, George Tildon, Rebecca, and Ariane from SeanTheHedgehog
Master Sword from WindWakerGuy430
Wind from WindWakerGuy430
Ditto from Canada24
Saten Twist from Canada24
Stargazer from Triq267
Black Tuesday from Triq267
SeanTheHedgehog's Rio as Mark
Jeff from SeanTheHedgehog
With Twilight Sparkle, Mayor Mare, Sonic & Tails as themselves
And introducing Greaseball, Martin, Mark, Komano, Emma, and Scruff from SeanTheHedgehog

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog production from April 11, 2018