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Los Angeles, 1964

Jared: *In the bar with Saten & Tareq*
Saten: Well, thanks for a год of covering for a dead nerd.
Jared: I heard Hayden gave Ты a hard time for the first two years.
Tareq: We got a new пони starting after Ты leave tomorrow. His name's Brett.
Jared: Have Ты met him yet?
Saten: Nope.
Jared: Let me know what he's like when Ты do meet him.
Tareq: Sure.
Saten: Right now, Ты deserve a toast.

When the three stallions received their beers, they hit the glasses together, and enjoyed their drinks.

Далее morning, Saten met Brett. They would be working together on the Super Chief.

Brett: Hey, the boss says we're going to Albuquerque.
Saten: Yep. A crew change will allow us to take the westbound Super Chief back to L.A from Albuquerque. While we're waiting for our train, tell me about yourself.
Brett: I was born in Boston, and moved out here two months назад after completing training.
Saten: Well done. Ты won't have to worry about anymore cold weather now that you're out here.
Brett: I only moved out here to work on the finest railroad in Equestria.

The train slowly pulled into the station. Saten Twist got into the engine with Brett.

Saten: Ты have fine taste my friend. We're gonna get along just fine. *Climbs into the cab*
Brett: *Following Saten*

When they got close to Albuquerque, Saten continued talking to Brett.

Saten: Is this the very first train you're driving?
Brett: Technically, I'm not driving, but I have done a couple of practice runs on the New Haven.
Saten: What part?
Brett: The Northeast Corridor from Boston, to New Haven.
Saten: They got the fastest trains in all of Equestria out on the Corridor.
Brett: The Pennsy has plans to get newer passenger equipment. They're trying to get something faster than the French trains.
Saten: I oughta look into that.

They stopped at Albuquerque, but on the return trip to Los Angeles, the two stallions didn't have much to say. However, they enjoyed each other's company, and were looking вперед to working with each other again.

Brett: I hope I get to work with Ты again.
Saten: *Stops the Super Chief at LAUPT* I agree, you're a good pony. *Gets out of the cab*
Brett: *Follows*
Saten: Why don't Ты meet some of my Друзья at the bar?

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