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Pinkie Pie lead Twilight and Spike to her's.. Well, the house of Mr and Mrs Cupcake, witch she stays in, as their upstairs guest.

"Ahh, here we are" Pinkie Pie сказал(-а) happily.

"So... What, is this job Ты need?" Twilight asked.

"I need Ты guys to help me make some cakes?" Pinkie Pie replied.

"dose that include" Spike started, but Pinkie Pie interupted him, saying "No Spike, EATING them, is not included as part of this job" the розовый пони replied, leaning up to the little Драконы face.

Spike groaned in disapointment.

Twilight and Spike helped Pinkie Pie finish the rest of the cakes that needed to be...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Mr. Casa
Mr. Casa
Con Mane has returned, and it has been one год since the first Con Mane fanfiction, Dr. Ani: A Con Mane Story

Disneyfan333 helped me out with this.

The story starts in Brazil, as a car pulled into the parking lot. The пони driving the car was Mr. Casa.

After Mr. Casa entered the building, he went to an elevator, and went to the floor where his office is.

Mr. Casa: *Enters office, and opens safe*

Earlier, Mr. Casa placed $300,000 in the safe, but it was empty

Mr. Casa: *Staring at empty safe*
Con: P really doesn't mind when Ты borrow his money, but when Ты steal it, that's another story.
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posted by Dragon4322
 "The лодка did arrive but it wasn't just any pony"
"The boat did arrive but it wasn't just any pony"
Later that afternoon Chrysalis and I heard that a fresh soldier was coming to our position so we both prepared ourselves and went to the beaches to see if the new infantry пони arrived. The лодка did arrive but it wasn't just any пони it was a pegasus otherwise known as my sister радуга Dash. I never expected her to have signed up for the Ponyville Military. Once she stepped on the sand she hugged me and сказал(-а) ,"Scootaloo i missed you" and i smiled and looked at my best friend in embarrassment because of my big sister treating me like i was her filly but i was her sister and nothing more. I pushed my sister away from me in disgust to Показать my general i wasn't some baby and that i could handle myself. радуга Dash looked at me in surprise and сказал(-а) ,"Scootaloo what's wrong?" and then i shouted ,"Listen Dash i'm not a little filly anymore i'm a grown mare!" my sister looked at me and laughed saying "Hahaha Ты do know you're still small Scootaloo?"
 "Once she stepped on the sand.."
"Once she stepped on the sand.."
posted by applejackrocks1
Sugar Sprinkles had packed her clothing and other items. She was in the Train Station with Nikki and her bags...

Nikki: 2 tickets to Ponyville please.
Lady: That would be 2 dollars.
Sugar: Here. *gives 2 dollars to Lady*
Lady: Thank you. Here Ты go. *hands tickets to Nikki*
Nikki: Thank you.
Lady: Have a nice day!
Sugar: *enters train*
Nikki: *enters train*
Sugar: Wh-
Nikki: *sits on seat*
Sugar: *sits Далее to Nikki*
Nikki: I'm taking Ты somewhere where Ты can be happy.
Sugar: Whoa. It stinks.
Nikki: Yep. It's the skunk in the bag.
Sugar: Ты brought it?!
Nikki: Duh. I have to. If I set it free here, somepony...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
At the same location where Con crashed the car, a кран was lifting it out of the lake it landed in.

US soldier: Check that car for the ammo.
US pony: *finds ammo* It's wet! This won't be good at all!
US captain: We need to deliver it to Tara quickly. *steals helicopter*
US soldier: HEY! Ты can't steal that! All units kill the captain!

The train stopped at Canterlot, and everypony was getting the circus set up.

US captain: *arrives in helicopter*
US soldiers: There he is! Shoot him!! *shoot down helicopter*
US captain: *falls on ground*
Con: *sneaks out of train*
US soldiers: What were Ты thinking?!...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After a minute, the Germans realized they did not hit their target.

German colonel: what happened?
Con: they must have some defense system
Double X: we'll go in, and disable it.
German colonel: good luck
Con: *teleports with double x to Atlantis*
Double X: how are we destroying this building?
Con: the self destruct system
Nightmare moon: oh no Ты don't
Con: *fights nightmare moon*
Double X: *takes cover*
Nightmare moon: *fights con*
Con: *hits self destruct button*
Nightmare moon: you...
Con: *jumps to crane*
Nightmare moon: *goes to button*
Con: *lowers crane*
Nightmare moon: *looks up*
Double X: *watches*...
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The last solstice

Chapter 39: Dark riddles

Nocturnal Mirage felt like a pegasus, flying high above the clouds, enjoying the warm summer Sun and the soft breeze. He has triumphed over the dark echoes of his past and extinguished the last traces of hatred left in him. The apparition that took the form of his beloved and feared mother, Summer Pride was no longer haunting him. He cleansed his spirit from all the hatred and rage she planted inside him over the years of their imprisonment, when they vanished along with the Crystal Empire for a thousand years. He was finally free. His body and soul...
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The Далее день came like a bolt again going through the cycle of breakfast, bath time, wearing the school uniform and school itself. Having to go through activities wasn’t really that enjoyable to me as the activity this день was song composing (on Музыка period) but Mrs. Sync spared us some difficulty and got us to our temporary groups: one group for each row of arm chairs,vertically and also that we can take the melody from other songs and just rewrite the lyrics

“okay, so we get to be groupmates then” Liz сказал(-а) to me as she gathered the rest of our group to huddle up

“so what do we do?”...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con was running to the car, and soon he heard one of the enemies shout..

US Soldier: HEY!! There's no ammo for the бас, бас-гитара cannon!
Mirage: Oh damnit, it's in the car!
Con: *drives*
Mirage: WAIT!!
Fenix: It's not like him to forget the three of us.
US soldiers: *shooting at Con*
Captain: Shoot the tires!!
Tara: What's going on?
Captain: We have an intruder, but it's heading away from your train.
Tara: Alright then. Proceed.
Engineer: *pulls out of station*

The wheels slipped, but soon the engine was out of the station, and was puffing down the line

Con: I have to chase that train
US soldiers: *shoot all four...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Pete was interviewed next.

TV Pony: Hello, my name is Jack Jackson. What's yours?
Pete: Pete Reimer.
TV Pony: How old are you?
Pete: Forty three.
TV Pony: And how long have Ты worked on the U.P?
Pete: Twenty one years.
TV Pony: What do Ты think of this railroad?
Pete: I really do like it here. Many of the ponies I get to work with are kind, and very hard workers.
TV Pony: Is there anything Ты dislike about this railroad?
Pete: The rest of my workers, that try to get fired on purpose, или just don't care about anything.
TV Pony: Is there anything you've adjusted to over the past twenty one...
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The last solstice

Chapter 42: Cleansing light

Everything was bright and shiny. She was walking through a strange white tunnel, but the walls seemed to be alive. As she moved on, she spotted several faces all around her. She blinked in utter confusion and perplexity. She had no memory of how she got here, или where was “here”. Outlandish whispers reverberated from the moving and forever changing walls, but she was unable to comprehend the meaning of the quiet words; they just swiftly glided through her brain, like fallen leaves, traveling with the autumn wind.

The familiar faces kept emerging...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
рис, райс
Why don't we go check on рис, райс Limbo, and Clint Miller?

On a dark night in some some suburban part of Manehattan, Rice, and Clint were waiting for someone in a big black car.

enemy mob boss: *walks out of house*
Clint: That's him.
Rice: Hello sir, how are you?
enemy mob boss: Who are you?
Rice: Your escorts for the evening. Inside the car.
enemy mob boss: *enters car*
Rice: *gets in car, and drives*
Enemy mob boss: Look, what's going on here?
Rice & Clint: *ignore boss*
Enemy mob boss: Just let me go man. I swear I didn't do shit!
Rice: Ok, we'll let Ты go, after we get our money.

The Далее morning,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 The limo
The limo
Con flew out of Canterlot by airplane, and went to Las Pegasus. When he got there, he went to the Savoy.

Tara: Who would like that Limousine out there? The bidding begins.
Con: Is she for real?
Fenix: This is just one of her business' for making money to buy military equipment, mostly for Octopus-3.
Stallion: 300 bits.
Tara: 300 bits for the limo, that's 3 dollars.
Rain: Why are we here?
Con: We steal that limo once the bidding ends.
mare 66: $8!
Tara: Eight dollars.
Mirage: Why don't we buy it?
Con: We'll be helping them out if we do. When the bidding ends, they take the keys for the car, and...
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 Japa The Nese
Japa The Nese
We saved Rarity, and were now planning to escape from the Japanese Mafia.

Sean: *Gives Rarity a pistol* Grab a rifle. We're gonna tear this place apart.
Rarity: *Grabs rifle*
Sean: Dash, signal the strike team.
Rainbow Dash: *Gives signal*
Pony Alliance Pilots: *Dropping bombs*
Sean: Let's go. *Running towards explosion*
Japanese Ponies: *Running towards Sean* Shoot them!
Sean: *shoots japanese ponies*
Japa The Nese: What is happening?
Japanese Pony60: Those ponies, and hedgehog we were supposed to kirr are escaping.
Japa The Nese: Then stop them!
Sean: We got to find a boat, any boat!
Rarity: I think...
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posted by NocturnalMirage
The last solstice:

Chapter 40: Madness

Princess Celestia, the solar alicorn who have lived and ruled over the land for countless centuries would never thought she will witness the very end of everything. Twilight's calculations were incorrect. She only made a minor mistake, less than 0.1, but in the long run, those microseconds added up and influenced the final result. Ponykind's fate has been sealed, Equestria was facing her last hours in this world; she sensed the dark misery of the Sun clearly. Even if there was something she could have done to prevent the imminent apocalypse, it was too late....
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Meanwhile on some isolated island in Japan.

Japanese пони 87: This isrand is three mires away from Japan's nearest civirization.
Japanese пони 35: And we have rots of ponies in our mafia, that are wirring to kirr you. So terr us what we need to know.
Sean: *Tied up in chair* That all depends. What do Ты want to know?
Japanese пони 35: We want to know arr about why Ты have been pranning to attack Discord. Japa the Nese is very crose Друзья with Discord, and he doesn't Стрела anyone to kirr them.
Sean: He has been threatining average ponies, like Ты guys, with death, slavery, and violence....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Hawkeye, and Stylo arrived at Pete's office.

Hawkeye: Ты wanted to see us?
Pete: Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. We're going to be interviewed for Television, and I want Ты to spread the news around.
Stylo: With pleasure.
Hawkeye: What time do they get here?
Pete: Tomorrow, at 9 AM. Now go spread the news.
Hawkeye, and Stylo: *Leaves office*

They started at the train yard.

Wilson: What did Ты guys get called into Pete's office for?
Hawkeye: We're being interviewed by a Телевидение company tomorrow.
Wilson: At what time?
Stylo: 9 AM.
Red Rose: *Comes down from signal tower* Did I hear that we're...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Power Play is the leader of the bank robbers
Power Play is the leader of the bank robbers
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHEsE9yN2CY

Los Angeles, Alicornia

New Years Day, 2015. 10:21 AM

SeanTheHedgehog Presents


Starring Pierce Hawkins as the detective

Also starring

Master Sword from Windwakerguy430
Ditto from Canada24
Power Play from Edvine2
Leaf Pile from SeanTheHedgehog
And Nikki West from Jade_23

Power Play: Alright, just like we planned.
Master Sword: Got it.
Leaf Pile: *Loads gun*
Ditto: *Puts on mask*

The others put on their masks, and loaded up their guns. Then they went into a bank.

Power Play: Alright, everypony down on the ground right now!!
Ditto: We're taking...
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The last solstice

Chapter 44: Epilogue

It has been four months since Celestia restored the gravitational balance of the universe. Life could finally go back to normal in Equestria; the broadsword of tragedy was no longer hanging above ponykind's head. Princess Luna was found in the Changeling Kingdom 5 days after the winter solstice. She was in dire condition; she almost starved to death, since the changelings were unable to take care of even her basic needs without the hive mind spell of their Queen. Fortunately, Celestia read Chrysalis' mind, before forcing her to face her inner demons. The...
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