Нейтан и Хэйли Thanks! :-)

mcewen_girl posted on Jun 11, 2008 at 12:50AM
Hey guys I just wanted to say thanks..because I finally got my Fanatic medal here...and I couldnt have done it without all you guys rating so...THANKS A TON!!!!!!! U guys are AWESOME!!!
Naley Always & Forever


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Больше года lucysmileyface said…
well you desearve it more than anyone in the spot!
Больше года loves-oth said…
yeah you TOTALLY DO!
we've been waiting for ages for your medal to turn red!
Больше года naley_4ever said…
u deserve it! thank YOU for everything you've done on this spot!
Больше года loves-oth said…
i also want to say thanks for my new die hard medal! i'm so proud :)
Больше года mcewen_girl said…
^^IK...GO YOU!! I just saw that!! U & Lucy both got one!! So congrats to ya'll
Больше года g3u16 said…
hey mcewen_girl keep up the good work.
CONGRATS for the red medel...
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
You sooooo earned it kelsie! Congragulations a million times.
Need anything let me know ;D
Love ya!