A/N:Special Double Update!This chapter is really just a bit of a fill-in on who the girl is,and what happened to the village,similar to the episode for Inari's father in the Wave arc.
Naruto's expression changed from one of suspicion to one of revelation."I see...that's why Ты look so familiar..your that girl's mother!"Naruto declared.The woman nodded."Yes.That girl that Ты saved was my daughter."Hinata chose this moment to speak."Excse me....miss.."The woman turned to the white eyed child."Haruka.My name is Haruka."Hinata nodded lightly."Um...Ms. Haruka....could Ты tell us what happened?"Haruka looked depressed for a few seconds.Hinata noticed,and immediately started to apologize."Oh!I'm s-so sorry,Ms.Haruka!I didn't mean t-"Haruka raised her hand,signalling for Hinata to stop."You don't need to apologize...i need to tell you...especially if Ты were hired to help us get rid of the Red Dragons."Sasuke's interest was piqued at that."Red Dragons?Who are they?"He asked,leaning against the wall.Haruka sighed."I guess...i should explain everything from the beginning....she took a сиденье, место, сиденья between Наруто and Jaraiya."It all started a couple of months ago.back when the village still prospered...that день in particular,was the celebration Osaku Village holds every ten years.Thecelebration was for the день the vilaage was founded,and everyone was preparing for the festival later that night.

My husband,Jiro,was actually the leader of the village,so he was in charge of the enire thing,and everything was going really well,until..."Haruka clenched her fists dangerously."Until they came."
She spat with venom."During the celebration,a large group of them raide the village,killing many of the citizens in the process.Jiro,along with some of the villagers managed to force them out,but in the process....Jiro had been kidnapped."She paused,a few tears escaping her face."My daugher and i tried to form Поиск parties,but everyone was too scared to leave the safety of their own homes.So me and mei,once a week,would go looking by ourselved.However,after about a месяц или so,they came back.They raided a секунда time,and without Jiro,nobody tried to stop them.And afterwards....."More tears fell from the woman's eyes."He was....they executed him,right in front of us..."

The trio's eyes widened in shock."They executed him.....just to crush this place's will..."Naruto growled,shivering violently with rage.Haruka continued."Afterwards,the village.died.They Остаться в живых hope,their will to fight back.But my daughter kept trying.Mei kept trying to rally the village,to take a stand.But nobody would listen.She was just a little girl who didn't understand,in their eyes...so a few days назад she left on her own.I'm guessing she was beaten by the dragons,and left in the woods..."

Haruka's eyes hardened,and she bowed."So please...take a stand with my daughter and restore the will of our village!i beg of you!"Naruto abruptly stood,and made his way to the door."Naruto,where are Ты going?"Naruto turned to hinata,looking her in the eyes."I'm going to save these people...and Показать them....."He tightened his headband."That if Ты try hard enough,and never give up..."He turned back to the door."You can do anything!"Hinata smiled,Sasuke smirked,and Haruka stared wide-eyed at the blonde.Those eyes.....their the same eyes as Jiro's....this boy...maybe he can save the village!