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It was a rare sight to see a particular blonde shinobi in any real deep thought.In fact,it was an almost unheard of occurance.However,at this current moment,that was exactly what was going on.Naruto was currently sitting in a meditative position,his eyes closed and his face relaxed.The conversation he'd had was still fresh within his mind.


Naruto lightly knocked on the door,his free hand stuffed in his pocket.He looked straight ahead,glancing at the red пересекать, крест a few feet above сказал(-а) door,patiently waiting for a responce.He heard a light ruffling noise,and a yawn."Come in!"The cheery yet tired voice of a little girl prompted,and he entered.Taking a chair near the door,the blonde began speaking."Hello!My name's Наруто Uzumaki!"The girl blinked at the smiling ninja,before returning the smile with one of her own."my name's Mei!"She visibly paused when she saw the shining metal plate of his forehead protector.Her expression darkened."Why are Ты here?"She questioned icily,becoming noticably еще hostile.Noticable to anyone but naruto."Well,i'm a ninja 'ya see,and my team got hired by your mom to get rid of the Red Dragons!"His smile never faded,which angered the girl further."Get out..."She muttered darkly,her eyes hidden under her hair.Naruto frowned in confusion."Why...did i do something wrong?"She glared at him."Just get out!"

He still wasn't sure what he had done to make her so angry.Was it something he said?Something he did?He thought about it more,until a lightbulb flashed above his head."When she saw my headband,her voice changed!"He exclaimed,before his confusion resurfaced.why?Was it a grudge against ninja?But why would anyone hate ninja?Ninja were awesome!His thoughts were interrupted by Sasuke apearing before him.Naruto looked at the raven haired boy curiously."Sasuke?......What's up?"Sasuke grunted."Jaraiya Sensei wants us back at the apartment.Apparently we're starting tonight."Naruto's eyes lit up in excitement."Alright,about time!"He shot to his feet."Let's hurry up and get back!"he ran off,grinning at the prospect of some action.Sasuke sighed,taking off after the blonde.
_________*Osaku Forest-Enemy Hideout*__________
Jaraiya tensed as he stalked the masked man from the trees.The leader,from what he could overhear,apparently was from the recently formed Sound village in the Land of рис, райс Patties.This put the Sannin on edge.Why would a Sound Ninja be here?"I'm honored Ты came to visit little old me,lord Jaraiya.Why don't Ты come and Присоединиться me?"Jaraiya hesitantly jumped down,a good distance away from the Leader."So,you noticed me huh?Then at least this'll be entertaining."The Leaders smirked as chakra scapels apeared on his hands."I'll be еще than entertainment....Lord Jaraiya......"
"Jaraiya Sensei has engaged the leader."She reported anxiously,veins bulging as her byakugan watched the battle.She sighed,deactivating her eyes,before turning to her teammates."It's time to move.Jaraiya Sensei has drawn most of their attention."The duo nodded silently,before all three of them entered the fray.
Наруто made a singlee handsign as fifty clones poofed into existance."Here we are!Super Наруто Attack!"All the clones shouted simultaneously,charging the camp with a loud battle cry."Idiot has to make an entrance."Sasuke mumbled,following the horde of blondes.Hinata giggled lightly,before reactivating the Byakugan and doing the same.

All the Naruto's ran after the bandits,punching and kicking in frenzy of attacking blondes.The orginal was right in the thick of the action,shouting.Only about five clones had dispelled,and he was already halfway through his group.He turned for a few moments to look at his teammates."Fire Style:Fireball Jutsu!" "Gentle Step:Spiral Palm!"Hinata danced around the attacks that targeted her,all the while spinning like a вверх with her palms glowing,dropping one bandit after another.sasuke was burning the majority of the thugs to a crisp,spitting out searing balls of flame repeatedly.This all was stopped,however,when suddenly all of Naruto's clones dispersed.Naruto's eyes darted around for any sign of movement,sasuke and hinata using their dojutsu to help them search.Suddenly,however, a woman appeared right behind Naruto,grinning manically."I'm right behind you...Naruto.."She whispered in his ear,pressing a kunai to his throat.A single drop of blood fell to the ground.

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Anyway,here are all the Jutsu Team Jaraiya Know so far.

Wind Style:Wind Bullet-C Rank.Use blows a compressed bullet shaped current of air from the mouth that moves at high speed.usually used to either Knock back или impale the target.

Wind Style:Gale Palm-High C Rank.The user strikes the opponent with a stream of wind pushed through the palm and into the opponent to damage internal organs.Can be used at long range to push opponents back,or in melee combat for lethal damage.

Namikaze Special:Namikaze Barrage-A Rank due to high chakra cost.By use of three или еще shadow Clones,the User performs a deadly combination attack.

Fire Style:Fireball-C Rank.The user creates a large ball of огонь with their Chakra,then blows it out of their mouth.

Fire Style:Dragon Flame-B Rank.the User forms their огонь Chakra into the shape of a dragon,then releases it.With enough control and a constant stream of chakra,can be manipulated for extended periods of time.

Lightning Style:Giga Impact-B Rank.the user forms a пальто of electricity around their fists,then releases it on contact with the target,causing electrical burns and temporary paralysis.Can be upheld for an extended duration for melee combat,but this halves the attack power of it.

Gentle Step:Spiral Palm-C Rank.The User spins at high speed,using the their palms so Слэш at the Target's Chakra Network while spinning.

Gentle Step:Double Palm-D Rank-The user enhances their palms with Chakra and pushes the chakra through the target,disrupting the target's Chakra Network.

Gentle Step:64 Palms Guard(Incomplete)-B Rank.The User forms a grid of thin blades of chakra in the shape of a sphere around themselves.These blades can cut through kunai and Shuriken,people,and block attacks up to C Rank in power.

XXX-Talk Time!

Naruto:Who the heck is this guy?Bandits can't Переместить that fast!

Sasuke:Then he must be a ninja.

Hinata:If this one's a ninja...then who's fighting Jaraiya Sensei?

Jaraiya:I believe that he's-

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