Морская полиция - Спецотдел Corrupted Wish

nikki8green6 posted on Jan 28, 2013 at 06:54PM
Okay, so, I'll try to explain this game without seriously confusing everyone.
Here goes, one person makes a wish {example: I wish they would bring Director Shepard back.}. The next person grants the wish, but it's slightly corrupted {example: When the investigation of a murdered marine leave Abby with the fingerprints of a familiar face, Directer Shepard, the team of course assume there is someone trying to frame their deceased friend. They think frame job no matter how much evidence points to Shepard, until... the team comes face to face with their not-so-dead friend. The team is in shock as they cuff the woman they believed to be a friend who they now know to be a fraud and a murderer.} That person then makes a wish for the next person to grant, in a very corrupted way.
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Больше года nikki8green6 said…
I know it's a little twisted, but it is fun.