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Streex posted on May 12, 2010 at 09:07PM
Okay, people, last night's episode, called Borderland, just irked me. The devastatingly painful irony played between Abby and Gibbs. In the beginning, before she leaves for Mexico, he tells her how he's got her back forever and always will. Then towards the end, she asks, "What I really need to know, Gibbs, is if you're gonna love me no matter what." And he doesn't answer. AUGH! The Abby Gibbs relationship has always been there, and if that falls through, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD, PEOPLE!

You need to know that I am extremely, and I mean extremely, OCD. If I get obsessive about something, I can't stop thinking about something until either I can make sense of it, or fix it. I had to fix last night's episode. I wrote an alternative ending. Here goes:

"What I really need to know, Gibbs, is if you're gonna love me no matter what."

He doesn't answer. She doesn't expect him to, and looks away, anger, shame, and shock in the form of a tear falling from one eye. He never answers the important questions, the ones she needs to hear.

"Looks at me, Abbs," says the man, with a certain hardness to his voice that's foreign to her, causing the words to echo in her head. "Do I look like a killer to you?" He brings a hand to her chin, tilting her face so that she's forced to give him an honest, sidelong glance.

"I-" Abby pauses a moment, heaving a sigh while still looking at him, then tossing her head guiltily to the side again and shrinking away from his grasp. "I told you, Gibbs. I don't know anymore." She feels so torn, because she'd put her job on the line for the Gibbs she knew before she left for Mexico. But now....he's a stranger.

A stranger she knows she loves.

Another sigh escapes her, and she crosses her arms, staring at the ceiling in frustration. Abby walks over to the boat and leans against it, one hand tapping the smooth surface, the other rubbing her temple and supporting her hanging head.

The man stands next to her now. "C'mere." He says, sliding down against the structure 'till his knees are bent in from of himself as he sits on the ground. Abby stares for a moment before hesitantly joining him.

"No, Abbs, come here" The familiarity of his voice is there again, all of a sudden, as if it had been her ears blocking the real Gibbs out all along. He pats his lap, and Abby is instantly there. One leg bent near his thigh, the other stretched out along the cold, cement floor, her head nuzzled into the crook of his neck, though eyes still wide in dismay.

He rocks her back and forth, but she still can't calm, can't stop thinking, calculating. Looking for a mistake. Frantic. Her stomach is playing cat's cradle while her eyes dart back and forth. "Gibbs, wh-"

"Shhh..." Murmers the man into her hair, never ceasing his movement. "One last moment's silence before the war takes over." Gibbs runs his hand through her pigtails and she's finally able to close her eyes. They stay that way a while, nothing changes 'till he stops moving.

Abby doesn't notice the rocking stop, but the feeling of his hand in her hair disappears and she blinks her eyes open, gazing up at him. "Mm?" She can tell he's thinking, and her thoughts of maybe-this'll-all-just-go-away fade out.

There's a line he's never crossed, a line that she could never see him stepping over before now. He's kissed her hair, cheek, even her hand, but he's never really kissed her. Abby knows that everything she's ever had between him is gone, it's all over, the moment he leans down, and despite that fact that she knows it's suicide for their relationship, impulsively strains upwards.

She holds it out as long as possible, savouring the feeling of his left hand on her neck, and his right tracing the cross on her back without so much as a glance at it. Abby knows her eyes must be bloodshot as she cries into the kiss.

He pulls away from her as her grip tightens, that last hope thinking maybe he won't leave, maybe if she holds him just a little tighter he'll stay. But he doesn't, and her whole world dissintigrates as her love and her life pull away from each other and recoil.

It's all over.

See, it maybe over for Gibbs, but it shouldn't just end like that, without him saying so much as a freaking, "I love you, Abbs," when just earlier he'd lied and said he'd always be there for her! I've pretty much lost respect for him, all due to that lack of wording, so he gets his one chance to come back next episode. It better be good, 'cause my whole NCIS world just fell apart, and my heart's been torn in two!

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