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NCISfanatics posted on Jun 25, 2010 at 08:33PM
Here's an update...

Pauley Perrette is Finally On Twitter! — @PauleyP

Updates on www.NCISfanatic.com

VIDEO #1: link -pe rre tte -is -.. .tm l

VIDEO #2: link -pe rre tte -on -.. .tm l

From Pauley: It's Pauley, I am putting myself on Twitter, Chad is going to run it. twitter.com/pauleyp

PLEASE help us save Hope Gardens ( www.hopegardens.com ) — Every dollar counts and we have 9 days before all these women and children will be forced out of this beautiful safe refuge. Please Please retweet the message to everyone, WE CAN DO THIS!!

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Больше года NCISfanatics said…
See the reposting for correct link. Or go to www.NCISfanatic.com to see Pauley's videos.

Больше года NCISfanatics said…