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posted by maddysage
in a lupe логово, ден amother was takeing care of her baby lupes. only one lupe survived during the birth. after the baby drank молоко from his mother she named him thunder becuse she was told that he will be strong. and thunder was strong. after a good 4 years of traning thunder moved on. he explored the forest of neopets. until he got to neopets centrel. thare he met his owner. but not many people liked green lupes. but the owner got thunder anyway. but the owner abandon thunder. now thunder was in the hands of DR.death. DR.death put him in a cage to starve to death. but one день ALL of the anamals died ecpet thunder. he sat in his cage DR.death сказал(-а) Ты have sirvived the день ALL neopets in the pound die and Ты didnt die so Ты will be honured. and thunder was honured his statechue was bult in neopets sqare on the label сказал(-а) hero. and his grave lied below the figure. THE END