Новолуние JACOB is Hotter than EDWARD

ShannonJacob posted on Aug 15, 2009 at 08:19PM
I think Edward is so over rated. He's a not even that hot. He's pale and Skinny. Seriously. Jacob is gonna win this vote for sure.

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Больше года mimiflannery said…
I think they are both super hot, Edward in that sexy brooding way and Jacob in that ripped, young overly excited way. I wouldn't kick either one out of my bed!!!!!
Больше года xxCandiixx said…
There both really good looking but Jacob is way hotter he has a nice smile not to mention hes crazy buff and edward is skinny and pale nd sexii in that brooding type way
Больше года mewmoon said…
i think EDWARD is HOTTER than jacob!!!!!!!! i luv edward!!!!!!!!!
Больше года WerewolvesRock said…
Hell yeah!!! Jacob is tall, hot, tanned and FIT!!!
edward is borin and pale. If only he imprinted on me!
Больше года vampire_luver8 said…
i totally agree with mewmoon! edward is by far hotter than jacob!!
Больше года Xxxsparkle13Xxx said…
i so luv Jacob so HOT.....!!!!!!! luv him nd hu wantz a cold skinny guy wen u can have d hottest guys hus so ripped its a no brainer lol