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 La Push пляж, пляжный
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Source: Created by Heather Roberts
Jacob's footprints in the sand as he is morphing.
Джейкоб Блэк
la push
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This Новолуние Обои might contain sporozoan, спорообразный, простейшими, protozoon, протозойный, простейший, простейших, and протозоональные.

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It was unendurable.
Thats all i could say. Nothing had ever seemed so painful in my entire memory. The pain of becoming a immortal. Searing- unbearable pain for days on end. I would get down on my knees and beg for that now.Atleast it might take my mind away for a few seconds.
Her face in my mind- was the thing i always saw. No matter what i looked at. Her voice was all i heard no matter what i heard. And her touch was all i could feel- not matter what i touched.
Sometimes i would wonder how she was coping. A hard topic to set my mind to. Maybe she was Ok?living a normal, happy life. Like i always...
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16. Wrong

I was screaming and yelling at Bella Cullen as she walked up the path to Jake’s home. Jake open the door his face was hard and straight. The look sent me back 10 years the first time he turned into a wolf, Sam’s face. I stopped in my path.

“Where’s Alison” Bella сказал(-а) smugly.

“You lied to me, she's not going Главная with Ты to night,”

Bella squinted her eyes, “Excuse me?”

“Oh god, no, please don't.” I murmured.

“Aly is sleep and Ты need to go home, if Ты want to be with the leeches so much then be my guest but then Ты have no right on the reservation,” he lips...
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A/N: Эй, guys I was just wondering about new moon and Alice's sneak peaking at Bella, so if you're intrigued give it a read and tell me what Ты think.

Disclaimer: Active imagination of one Mrs. Stephenie Meyer


She was laying there on the floor, curled up like a ball; it was painful to see her this way. I know Edward told me not to look but I couldn’t just ignore the image, it was so strong in my mind; Bella and I had a connection now too, to see her helpless, while I stood by an did nothing... Her long brown mahogany hair wet, her whole body soaking; never moving her knees from her...
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*SPOILER* The scene is from Breaking Dawn, and clips of the entire amazing days on their honeymoon. I hope people enjoy this and respect this, if Ты don't like it don't say anything at all. Song: Broken Wings Artist: Mr. Mister
Белла Свон
Эдвард Каллен
breaking dawn.trailer
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