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Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are getting married!! :D  cooleeo 0 1963 Больше года
JUNO Awards Alert!!  cooleeo 0 1764 Больше года
It's someone's birthday in the band of Nickelback!  cooleeo 0 3899 Больше года
Vote for Nickelback for JUNO awards 2012! Please vote and click on this forum!  cooleeo 0 3101 Больше года
Tune into the U.S.A channel to watch the band perform!!  cooleeo 0 2855 Больше года
Interview for the new Nickelback album  oneandonlychad 0 1241 Больше года
Also fellow Nickelback Фаны don't forget to watch the band perform live at the halftime game Показать of the CFL GreyCup. (Canadian football)  cooleeo 0 984 Больше года
Don't forget to watch Nickelback perform at the halftime game of the Detriot Lions vs Green бухта, залив Packers on Thanksgiving!!  cooleeo 0 910 Больше года
Nickelback's new album 'Here and Now' everywhere Музыка is sold today!  cooleeo 0 1273 Больше года
Rare Nickelback CD on ebay  pcasey 6 8383 Больше года
'Here and Now' Track Listing  A-H-D 0 2481 Больше года
Here And Now, your album news!  A-H-D 0 2176 Больше года
Nickelback Autographed гитара Auctioning on Ebay  dmusic 0 2958 Больше года
Nickelback wins at 2011 Canadian Radio Музыка Awards  A-H-D 0 1305 Больше года
Любовь nickleback!!!  KitsuneJeni 7 1526 Больше года
Meet Nickelback in Chicago 5/18/10  1043JackFM 0 1860 Больше года
Do Ты Know That Ты Can Download Free Music?  alibabanoob 1 1936 Больше года
Nickelback Live At Sturgis 2006?  ethancaden 0 1369 Больше года
Listen To "Gotta Be Somebody" Right Now On iHeartMusic.com  iheartmusic 0 1826 Больше года