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i was 6 years old, i have found an kid have an dark hair have red angry eyes, an boy with some bunny doll i talked to him and say: "hello there" he says: "don't touch me *says angry*" i was so scared he just dissapears. the priest сказал(-а) it is an illusion that lucifer made или an "monster doll" for an soul and do everything for him, i talked to that boy named "x" they we're so angry at x that because he was fallen inlove with an human (that was me) i was so suprise that he is still alive and kill's everything like (when some peaople wanted to kill me rape, robb или something else that will hurts me) in the forest i see him he was crusified and hurting by lucifer.....i tried to stop but it's to late my parent's and Любовь ones died. i was so having heavy feeling my eyes is turning black my teeth's gone sharp i look like an hungry monster but my father woke up me and that was an dream! i was so scared but iam wondering if that x is still alive did he will kill me или just protecting me?