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 Jack Smile
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One Đαяж день in the Middle of the Night
-------------Chapter I-------------

Dark skies. The darkest.    
     Choking blood.
Wet eyes, those were my dad’s.    
     That’s the last thing I

    вєп’s eyes slowly opened. They didn’t look around, they didn’t even adjust to the dim light. He could barely see out of one anyway. It’s all he could do to Переместить it. So he didn’t.
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Daniel Robert (Danny) Elfman was born on May 29, 1953 in Los Angeles, California. Elfman is the son of Blossom Elfman, a writer and a teacher, and Milton Elfman, a teacher who was in the Air Force. His father had also been a jazz trumpet player before Danny and his brother were born. Danny Elfman’s brother, Richard Elfman, is three год older and works as a director. He is the Uncle in-law to actress Jenna Elfman.                    
Danny Elfman met actress Bridget Fonda while working on...
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The Japanese version (and my favorite!) of "What's This?"
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