Nine Muses‘ Sera recently caught the attention of Фаны and netizens for her slimmer physique with the group’s “Figaro” comeback.

As it turned out, she was revealed to have undergone a drastic image change with a 20 kg weight loss since her trainee days. A representative of звезда Empire explained, “Sera сказал(-а) that she weighed over 70 kg when she first began training three years назад due to stress. She’s been dieting ever since then and Остаться в живых over 20 kg. She Остаться в живых about 6 to 7 kg during Nine Muses’ hiatus alone.”

So what’s the secret to her diet? A lot of exercise and Еда control, says Sera.

She revealed that she drank a powder drink of mixed grains the минута she got up in order to curb the tendency to binge on an empty stomach, and did aerobic exercises and weight training at the gym for an hour. She also made sure to drink protein shakes for her weight training sessions. Sera stressed the importance of snacking healthily like drinking a cup of молоко because it’s easier to binge when hungry.

Sera said, “I weighed over 70 kg when I first began training so I’ve been consistent with my diet. I tried one Еда diet and sometimes just starved. After suffering from the yo-yo process and the stress of it, I’d go on a binge out of disappointment. That soon began to affect my health and made me prone to anemia, which made me realize that although I could lose weight with the help of pills или shots, I’d go through the yo-yo process no matter what.”

She continued, “After I began exercising, I found myself having еще strength during rehearsals and my body just began to feel lighter overall. I’m currently 170 cm tall and weigh in at 50 kg, but I’ll continue dieting to manage my body.”

звезда Empire added, “I think she felt a strong need to Показать a healthy body image even if it took some time. She’s still consistently managing her weight by snacking on health Еда products like sweet potatoes. She’ll continue to work towards improving her image so please look вперед to it.”