I've been meaning to do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. Once Upon A Time has a lot of really beautiful women. I believe these women are the true beauties of the Показать and some need еще appreciation for their looks. Please leave a Комментарий but keep in mind this is just my opinion.

First of all I'm not a big Фан of her as a character, she has the personality of sand paper, but she's really beautiful. She has such long beautiful hair, even though it's in a weird style for most of the time we see her. I just Любовь Asian eyes and her skin is lovely. She's such a natural beauty. However she's kind of a stiff beauty too and the others are еще refined.

9.The Blue Fairy
I think she's absolutely beautiful. She's so classy looking and I Любовь the smarkles around her. She's also lovely in human form, maybe еще so because she doesn't have those weird hair styles. She has beautiful hair and pretty hair. However she's not higher because her looks are kind of over the top.

I have to say I think she's MUCH prettier than the Дисней Aurora. I personally think the Дисней Aurora is just plainly pretty and that Once Upon A Time Aurora is beautiful. I Любовь her long brown hair, her big eyes, and her lips. She truly deserves to be called Sleeping Beauty. She's so natural looking and barely has to try. However she's kind of too pale and a little too simple compared to the others.

Unlike a lot of people I think she's absolutely beautiful. Is it odd that I think she looks prettier in rags than she does as a princess? I just find she's much еще natural looking. She's prettiest as Ashley because she doesn't have big hair and she's natural looking. She has that warm, sweet, down to earth natural beauty look. She has pretty hair, beautiful eyes, a warm loving smile, and great lips. She's not higher because I think the others are еще unique looking.

It's no wonder than her name means beauty. She has such long beautiful brown hair, great lips, pretty eyes, and a kind smile. She's so natural looking and no wonder Rumple fell for her. She's kind of on the cute side but that's part of her charm because she's both cute and beautiful. She's not sexy but she's a classy, natural, pure beauty, which is what really matters. I mean like I find Regina kind of sexy but she's no beauty. She's not higher because she's just beautiful, not stunning или gorgeous. my вверх 5 are stunning and my number 1 is gorgeous.

5.Ruby/Red Riding-hood
I know a lot of people think she's the most beautiful female on the show(or Regina, bla) but I think there are others much prettier. Anyway she's absolutely stunning. She has gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes, a seductive smile, nice lips, and she's really sexy. She's probably the sexiest character on the show. At first I didn't think she was that pretty because when she was Rudy she looked like a skank with too much make-up but as Red she was so natural looking. I Любовь the way Ruby looks now, she's such a natural beauty. However her features are kind of too pointy.

4.The Siren
I know we only see her once but she's absolutely stunning. I also Любовь her accent, it makes her even еще attractive. She has beautiful blond hair, gorgeous eyes, great lips, stunning features, and is so seductive. There's not much to say about her but just look at her, she's stunning. However she's not higher because my вверх 3 are just еще natural looking.

It's no wonder Snow White is so beautiful, she gets her looks from her mother. Too bad we don't see much of her because she's so stunning. She has such a classy, elegant, and natural look. I Любовь her beautiful blue eyes, red lips, pretty black hair, and her stunning facial structure. She's such a mature beauty yet at the same time youthful. Even in death she's still as stunning as she was when she was alive.

2.Snow White/Mary Margret
No wonder she's considered the fairest one of all, she's absolutely stunning. When she's Snow White she has gorgeous long black hair and she looks like such a natural beauty. When she's Mary Margret she's still stunning with short hair. I Любовь how she's both cute and stunning at the same time. She has such beautiful eyes and an enchanting, sweet, and charming smile. Lips red as blood, hair black as night, and skin white as snow, a beautiful combination. However even though she was considered the fairest one of all during her time there is one who is prettier than her. The only reason she's not number 1 is because my number 1 is in my вверх 10 most gorgeous women that ever lived.


This girl is absolutely the most gorgeous character on the entire show, everything about her is gorgeous. Also I have to say that with her there have been three generations of absolutely beautiful women. She's got the most gorgeous hair on the entire show, just look at it. She has such beautiful eyes that have so much personality. She has a great smile, well whenever she actually does smile. Her facial structure is absolutely stunning. I don't get why she doesn't get еще attention with her looks and while people find her plain, she's far from it. She's much prettier than Belle, Regina, and Ruby. She looks like the live-action version of Odette from The лебедь Princess, who is one of the most gorgeous animated characters in existence. In my opinion she's underrated and is in my opinion one of the most beautiful women that ever lived.