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Однажды в сказке My вверх 5 according to the character sorter (Thanks zanhar1! :) ). Who do Ты Любовь more?

39 fans picked:
1. Rumpel/Gold
5. Killian/Hook
3. Jefferson
4. Grumpy/Leroy
2. Whale/Frankenstein
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 SherlockStark posted Больше года
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SherlockStark picked 1. Rumpel/Gold:
Sorter said:
1. Rumpel
2. Whale
3. Jefferson
4. Grumpy
5. Hook

My list:
1. Rumpel
2. Jefferson
3. Whale
4. Hook
5. Regina

Not bad, actually :)
posted Больше года.
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Siren-Lamia picked 5. Killian/Hook:
Slightly more than Grumpy.
posted Больше года.
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Rumbellefan11 picked 1. Rumpel/Gold:
Then Hook, Victor, Jefferson, Grumpy.
Rumple, Hook, and Victor are all in my top 5, as well. Jefferson is my 6th fave :)
posted Больше года.
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Evilregal14 picked 3. Jefferson:
Jefferson only, Whale is okay though.
posted Больше года.
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Diamond_Queen picked 1. Rumpel/Gold:
Rumpel!! <3 Love all of them, actually:)
posted Больше года.