Однажды в сказке My OUAT crossover ships. Your favorite? (I'll explain my ships in comments)

Pick one:
Rumbuff: Rumpelstiltskin and Buffy (BTVS)
Regillow: Regina and Willow (BTVS)
лебедь Slayer: Emma and Jaime (GOT)
Sparkly Idiot: Charming and Edward (Twilight)
Snow and Guy (BBC Robin Hood). No ship name for this
Captain Song: Hook and River (DW)
Devil Beauty: Belle and Lucifer (SPN)
Hyrcella: Henry and Myrcella (GOT)
Nealicity: Neal and Felicity (Arrow)
Poffrey: Pan and Joffrey (GOT)
Fairy Doctor: Динь-Динь and The Doctor (DW)
Ichariel: Ariel and Ichabod (Sleepy Hollow)
Chulan: Мулан and Charlie (SPN)
Baurora: Aurora and Becker (Primeval)
Ruboz: Ruby and Oz (BTVS)
Vela: Victor and Bela (SPN)
Captain Hatter: Jefferson and Jack (DW/TW)
Cangelus: Cora and Angelus (BTVS/Angel)
 Rumbellefan11 posted Больше года
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