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“well did Ты have a good time slagging me?” niall joked as we made our way for work.
“we weren’t slagging Ты niall. Just saying how mental Ты are!” i сказал(-а) as i poked him.

“ya.... IM the mental one. Right.....” he said.
“what do Ты mean by that niall?” i asked.
“oh nothing!” he сказал(-а) as he ran ahead of me.
I ran after him and we reached work.

He did the usual when we got the work, he sat down and let me do all the work.

I had just finished serving a customer when liam stormed in. Oh great. He had his gang with him and the girl he had cheated on me with.

“liam get out.” I told him. Liam laughed.
“and who’s going to make me babe?” he asked. I scowled at him.

Niall jumped up off his сиденье, место, сиденья and walked over beside me.
“i will.” Niall said.
Liam stared at him.
“on секунда though maybe i wont!” niall сказал(-а) as he backed away.

“ha ha. Don’t tell me you’re with this loser now leah?” he laughed.
“um i don’t think thats any of your business.” I scowled over at him.

“but i still Любовь Ты babes.” He сказал(-а) as he came over to me and pushed a strand of hair off my face. I tried to push away but he wouldn’t let me. He leaned in to Kiss me but i slapped him across the face.

“oh Ты did NOT just do that leah!” liam said, his face red with anger. Niall came over a punched him in the face.

Liam’s eyes widened. He grabbed a нож from the кухня and held it up to niall’s throat.
“LIAM PUT THE нож DOWN!” i screamed as i ran over to help niall.


I stood still and took out my phone.
“liam drop the нож and leave him go или else i’m calling the police.” I threatened.

Liam stared into my eyes, trying to scare me. I didn’t work though. I narrowed my eyes at him. He dropped the нож and niall made his way over to me and held my hand.

“now GET OUT!” i roared.
“fine. But it’s only a matter of time until Ты come crawling back to me.” He сказал(-а) as he stormed out the door, his gang and the girl following closely behind.

“he’s such a prick. I cant believe Ты ever loved him.” Niall said.

“neither can i. Are Ты alright?” i asked.
“ya im grand.” He smiled.

I served a few еще customers before i finished work. Then me and niall headed to the cinema.

We decided to go and see ‘the dilemma’ Because it looked really funny.

“popcorn?” niall asked.
“um yes please.” I said.

I started wandering around the cinema. Niall came over to me and handed me попкорн and coke.

“thanks niall. How much were they?” i asked, taking out my purse.
“no they’re on me.” He said.
“aw thanks niall.” I сказал(-а) as i gave him a hug.

We went to the very back of the cinema and took our seats. It went dark and the movie began. I put my hand on the armrest and felt another hand slowly hold mine.

Niall looked at me, and i looked at him. He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back. We were Поцелуи for what seemed like 5 minutes.

Im guessing we were Поцелуи for longer than i thought because before we knew it the movie had finished.

“that was a great movie!” i сказал(-а) sarcastically.
“ya! And you’re a great kisser!” niall winked.
We walked out of the cinema and he held my hand.
“you’re not too bad either horan!” i winked back.

When we got back to the apartment, harry asked:
“so how was the movie?”

We froze. Oh shit.
“um it was good.” I lied. Well it wasn’t really lying because it wasn’t bad either!

“what was it about then?” he asked.
“a dilemma?” niall chipped in.

He stared over at us.
“ok then!” harry сказал(-а) as he skipped off.
Thats normal........

“i’ve got to go. Will Ты call up later?” niall asked.
“ya sure.” I smiled as he walked out of the kitchen.

Kate walked out of the кухня and made herself a cup of tea.

“hey kate!” i said.
“oh. Hi.” She replied.
“so hows your день been?” i asked.
“fine, yours?” she asked.
“great. Well it started off bad because of liam but it ended good because i went to the cinema with niall.” I replied as i sat up on the counter.

“what movie did Ты go to?” she asked.
“the dilemma.”
“oh cool. Was it good?”
“i don’t know really. I wasn’t watching it.”
“because me and niall we sort of busy....”
“busy doing what?”

She sat down on the диван, мягкий уголок and turned on the tv.
“this apartment is so small!” she complained.
“ha ha ya i no!” i said. She looked up at me.

“leah! GET OFF THE COUNTER!” she ordered.
“yes mommy!” i joked as i jumped off the counter.
She narrowed her eyes at me.

“what did Ты say?” she asked.
“i mean kate!” i сказал(-а) quickly, saving my life.
“that’s what i thought.” She smiled.


feeeeeeeedback plz????????????? part 9 will be up soon:)xxx
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“Oh ya why did I find a girls number in Nialls jacket?” I asked Harry on the way. “Long story.......................” he told me. “ “I think Ты should call her and set Niall on a дата with her” I told him. He called her and put on his best Irish accecent. I have to say I was impressed. So when we got Главная we told Niall we were taking him to the zoo. He came with us. We saw Chantelle and she came over. She gave Niall a Kiss on the cheek. Me and Harry drove off. We had things to do. We went back Главная first though. “Everybody we have something to tell ye” I сказал(-а) when I went...
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