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Hi:) Here is 7th part and It is little stupid ..:/
sorry about grammar :)


*Next Day*

Christina's POV
''Wake up little princess!'' my mum was trying to wake me up ''You have a visitor!''
''Okay , okay I will be there for secund!Just let me get dressed!'' I yelled at her ...
I didn't sleep well last night, I had a bad dream...More like nightmare...I got out of the house and I saw Zayn!
''Hey! What are doing here?!'' I hugged and kissed him.
''What? I can't visit my girlfriend anymore?'' He laughed.
''No ! no! I didn't say that!'' I kissed him again.
''Well I have a suprise for Ты , and all of us will be there!'' he lifted me.
''Really ! What? Where are we going?!'' I was a little confused but still happy.
''We are going tonight to one very Популярное club here, in London!'' He didn't stop smiling!
''Yay!'' I hugged him so hard!
''I will pick Ты up at eight o'clock!'' he replied and then he kissed me for goodbye.
I can't wait! I texted to girls , but all of them know . Niall,Louis,Harry and Liam alredy told them.!

*The Club*

We all looked amazing.
Katherine had a Black/Red animal print silk charmeuse short prom dress. Sweetheart neckline and two-tone net skirt. зебра print on the корсаж, лиф with large leaf decor on the ruched waistband.

Nena had a Romantic sweetheart organza short dress with tiered ruffle skirt. Black overlayed with black floral appliques and rhinestones on the корсаж, лиф and skirt

Lana had a Trendy red one-shoulder silky chiffon short dress. Draping from right shoulder with beaded stones on the waistline.

Ann had a Hot and sexy in glitter taffeta! This stunning short is amazing in sparkling plaid, beaded neckline and ruffled hemline.

I had a gray taffeta short dress that has the cutest silhouette and a corset back for the ultimate fit. All topped off with a cute little bow.

We bought us drink and danced , except Niall and Ann. They were Поцелуи all night.After a while , Zayn went to order another drink , so I danced with Liam. Katherine wasn't mad , she went to toilet. On the other side of podium Harry & Lana were hugging and Louis & Nena were danicng and joiking around.

Zayn's POV
What is wrong with me..? I feel somehow strange. When I saw Christina and Liam dancing , I wanted to kill him...I was angry and irritated.
''Hey, Hey! What are Ты doing Liam?'' I pushed him from her.
''Zayn! We were just dancing man!'' he replied irritated.
''Really! Than find your own stupid girl!'' I answerd him , but I don't know why did I say that..
''Zayn!!! Stop It now , Please! Are Ты drunk?'' Christina was yelling at me , and that made me feel mad. I just wanted to fight with someone with no reason!
''No! Just let me to beat up that idiot!'' I pointed at Liam and his face was confused and irritated!

Katherine's POV
When I came to others , I was shocked! Liam and Zayn were fighting! Liam tried to hit him...I didn't knew what to do , I just tried to calm down Liam! We were in hallway and he explained me everything that happend. Zayn wasn't drunk , that is for sure, but something was really weird..We went to order drink and I saw Zayn's glass with tequila... I smelled it , and it wasn't just текила in it... It was something else. Wait ! Oh God! Someone put him in the glass , something like drug , kind of it...I have to tell Liam , now!

Chapter 1 Part 6:

Chapter 1 Part 8:
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Okay guys this I video I took last night in Ghana after waiting 5 hours to meet the boys :) Hoje Ты like it and please follow me on tumblr: and twiiter @Beatriz_Lopes97
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