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posted by supergirl143
hi i'm sabrina and i'm gonna tell Ты how i met my true all started when we were 6 we were boyfriend and girlfriend he was my neighbor.his name was liam.he was perfect i thought we would be together forever.until his parents gave him bad news.liam was moving.i was so and liam made each other bracelets to remember each other.the день he left was tough.i actually thought it was a joke i thought they were gonna come back.i waited and waited.i knew i'd never find true Любовь again.10 years later.i was 16 it was my birthday then my phone rang it was my best friend miranda she сказал(-а) "happy birthday sabrina i got your present want to know what it is"i then сказал(-а) "if it's not liam i don't really care" miranda then сказал(-а) sighing "sabrina it's been 10 год Ты got to find another boyfriend"i looked down to see my bracelet i never took it off.miranda continued and сказал(-а) "well i was so lucky to get X-Factor tour tickets!" i then сказал(-а) pretending to be happy "woohoo."i bet miranda made a face.she then сказал(-а) "we have to be their around 6:00 tonight okay?" i then сказал(-а) "fine i'll meet Ты at your house at 5:30" miranda сказал(-а) excited "yay i knew you'd cheer up bye!" i then сказал(-а) "bye see ya later" i changed and went to eat mom made me a special birthday breakfeast.i can't see why it was special i had pancakes.i then opened my gifts.nothing i wanted for my birthday.i сказал(-а) "i hope Ты kept the recit"i tried to say it in a not rude way.5:24 i went to get changed for this concert.i drove to miranda's house and we drove to the place where the концерт was.we went in people yelling "I Любовь Ты ONE DIRECTION"i didn't know what a one direction was.since of the crowd me and miranda got seperated.i was shouting "miranda!" no use.i then bumped into somebody.i was shocked of who i saw.who did sabrina see?find out in true Любовь part 2!
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Who do Ты think Ты are? Who do Ты think i am?
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