Annas POV:

"Wake up,before I leave Ты again"Courtney sshouted at me.
I moaned,then sat up.
How long we're we at the hospital?I asked myself
All I knew was it was dark when we left.I started to cry again.
"Come on,I know it's hard,But Ты need to be strong its your last день of school"Courtney counseled me
"Alright"I wispered
I sat up,I felt dizzy.
We didn't argue that morning,we gott ready,and went to school not a word spoken.I seen Drew he walked up to me in the parking lot.Courtney walked off.
"Are Ты mad at me?"he didnt look at me
"Well,not really I'm just broken and don't understand."I spoke quietly.
He looked at me,he's eyes we're gleaming in the morning dew
"Let me fix you."he сказал(-а) a soothing voice
He kissed me.I leaned against the car as he pushed against me.
I opened the door,I fell in the back seat.He gott in a shut the door.He layed on вверх of me and continued the kiss.I felt under neath his shirt.He took it off.Oh how I loved his abs.
He started to undo his pants..
"Not now."I told him
"Right,"he spoke
I griped my nails into him as kissed me.It seemed to turn him on.
Our heavy breathing I liked.
The колокол, колокольчик, белл rang.He put his рубашка on.We got out but he kissed me once more.
It seemed like he was holding something back lie it would be the last time we would kiss.It left me puzzled.
I went to class.
After school my homeroom teacher asked me to do a speech at graduation.It didn't really suprise me but I was nervous I never liked punlicensed speaking.In fact I barely liked to speak.I accepted the speech.It would help amber I heard rumors why she cut her self but none were true so I clear that out.
I was proud but I was doing this but I was scared.
The school was open an час extra to the graduates.
I took a walk around,I'd miss it for some reason.It gave me pride I fought through it all and this building was my battle field.I started to cry.I loved this place it was a strange feeling but I liked it.I left after about 5 minutes.Courtney seemed mad but she didn't yell because she could tell I was upset.

Writers talk:If Ты read this Статья before I fixed it bc I messed up and I put ambers POV it's actually Annas POV