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To 1d Фаны ASK еще Вопросы !!!!!

Just to get your mind flowing I thought of a few ideas :

1. Who is the youngest member of one direction?
2. What is Harrys favourite colour ?
3.Who was Liams first girlfriend ?
And many еще Вопросы to ask so please do

Hope u have had a nice день или r going to txt u later

Plus if u can answering them would be nice

By the way I have no idea the answer to all the Вопросы I just asked but a least I asked

P.S. Please visit my Фан site. :-D
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Sammie POV:

I was sitting down on the диван, мягкий уголок when my brother came and sat on the диван, мягкий уголок Далее to me.

"What are Ты doing? Go back to your room and sleep!"
"What's your problem Captain Grumpy?"
"I made the car wreck on purpose.." I stood up
"You did what?"
"I wrecked the car on purpose so mom and dad wouldn't break up!"
"Why would Ты think that would change their mind?" I was pacing back and forth.

"I don't know....and I realized I might have made it worse.."
"Yeah Ты did.." I could see he felt really bad about it so I sat down on the couch.
"I'm sorry!"
"Sorry for what?" he asked
"For yelling at you"...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
One week after Anna's dad had a сердце attack.
Annas POV:
I helped Zayn get all the 'get well' cards and balloons out the car and brought them in side.
"I'm happy your Главная dad."I told him.
He was up on his feet again but barely.
"I'm happy to be home,Sweetie."he smiled.
"Daddy,You need to take your medicine through."smiled Courtney smiled.
That was the 1st time she's called him dad...
"What ever happened to 'Get Остаться в живых Ты idiot.'"he asked in a playful way.
She blushed.
"Oh it's okay I Любовь Ты to pumpkin."he laughed.
I hugged him.
"My daddy."I smiled.
Zayn grabbed me and hugged me.
"My Anna."he smiled then...
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Anna's POV:
I hurried down stairs.I was freaking out.
Courtney and Amber were Eating at the ужин table.
"I made some food,Anna."Courtney smiled.
"um..Okay."I sat with them.
"Why is your hair wet?"asked Courtney.
"Umm...I just put moose in it."I lied.
"Isn't that like that stuff where Ты can scrunch your hair."Amber asked.
"That's a weird hair style.I quit doing that."Courtney said.
"Yea but I wanna look nice for Zayn."
"Is that so?"Zayn walked in.
"Yep."I smiled awkwardly.
"Um I thought we should take a walk and get away."
"Give me a minute."I told him.
I was going to go talk to Matthew.Courtney grabbed...
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