I stood backstage at the interview. Why the hell were they making me go to an interview?! They don't know how the Фаны might re-act! Especially since I'm with Hazza!! Argh! The boys told me they will calm down the Фаны on twitter. And if that I recieve hate to ignore it. IGNORE IT!? How the hell would I ignore it if that's all that's going on my twitter?! Gosh,this wasn't going to be easy for me since I don't take hate quite well. And if I've heard right from Boo bear,Hazza doesn't take it very well either.

''Hanna boo,come out,come out where ever Ты are'' Louis called out.

I stood up straight. I was wearing skinny jeans,a dark blue рубашка that had a white winky face,and was wearing knee high black boots. Harry smiled a bit as I came out.

''Don't frickin smile at me when half these people don't even know about us'' I whispered through my teeth as I sat inbetween Harry and Zayn.

Zayn put his arm around me. I flashed a smile. Harry pretend glared at Zayn and then smiled at me. I laughed slightly. Niall scooched a bit,pushing Louis. Louis pouted. The interviewer coughed a bit,trying to get our attention.

''So is this girl a special one?'' She asked,her eyes sparkling. She just wanted a story to twist around then make the boys' lives harder.

Harry spoke up before any of the boys,''Yeah. She's pretty much special to all of us''

I laughed then smiled,not wanting to speak until they asked me или someone nudged me till I spoke my guts out.

''So can Ты tell me your name?'' The interviewer asked me,her eyes darting to see me.

Liam nudged Zayn,who nudged me. I smiled,''Uh..Hanna Lloyd''

''You're related to Cher-'' The interviewer began

''No'' I laughed slightly

Harry smiled at me,wrapping his arm around me as Zayn removed his arm. Niall looked around in the crowd. Liam moved in his seat.Okay,to be honest the interviewer wasn't very experienced if Niall was looking through the crowd. I felt my hair starting to cover up. Of course both my arms were squished by Zayn and Harry. Since they were both close to me. So close. I flipped my hair,succeeding at making it move.

''The way that Ты flip your hair gets me overwhelmed'' Harry brought it up,whispering it in my ear. Sending chills down my spine.

I bit the inside of my bottom lip. Zayn and I had the habit of doing that. Of course I was nervous since Harry just made me feel so weird and since this was coming out on the tellie.

''Well,thank Ты for being here!'' The interviewer finally said

Zayn,Harry,and I stood up at the same time. I groaned a bit as I bumped into Harry. Damn,he had a frickin hard chest. Liam,Niall,and Louis were the first to get up so they were leading us away

-An час later at Larry's flat-

Liam's P.O.V

How in the world is she in Любовь with the Styles boy?! Seriously! Hanna is so sweet while Harry sleeps with a girl and he's done with her the Далее minute. Wait,what the...okay,this can't be possibly happening. I can't believe I'm saying this,but I think I'm in Любовь with Hanna.

''LEEEYUM!'' Louis yelled

I looked at him,''Mm?''

''I'm bored'' Louis whined

''Go cuddle with Harry'' I responded,laying down on the диван, мягкий уголок and turning on the television.

''He's with Hanna boo'' Louis pouted

''Go cuddle with Harry'' I сказал(-а) again

''He's with Hanna boo!'' Louis screamed

I sighed,''Go with Nialler''

''Niall's eating'' Louis pouted

''Forget it. Come watch Телевидение with me then'' I said,defeated

Louis clapped,''Yay!''

Harry's P.O.V

As we went downstairs,I heard Louis and Liam. Hanna and I laughed. I sat down Далее to Louis. He clapped his hands. Hanna sat besides Liam. He wrapped an arm around her. Hanna set her head on Liam's shoulder. I pretend glared again,laughing. Hanna smiled at me,winking. Louis slapped my cheek. I looked at him oddly.
Louis waved his hand in my face. I chuckled,poking Lou's stomach.

Hanna's P.O.V

I set my head down on Liam's shoulder as he wrapped an arm around me. I was constantly with one of the boys. Niall came running down the stairs,a spoon,a clown mask,a kitten,a carrot,and a mirror in his hands. We all stared up at him. Zayn came downstairs,glancing at what Niall had.

''HE HAS A CLOWN MASK!!!!!!!!!'' I screamed,getting up,and starting to run upstairs.

''HE HAS A SPOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' Liam screamed

''DON'T HURT THE KITTY'' Harry screamed

''DON'T EAT THE CARROT!'' Louis yelled


Niall turned his eyes into slits,''WHO ATE MY MCDONALD'S?!''

''I never ate anything from here!'' I screamed

Harry,Louis,Liam,and Zayn nodded. Niall shrugged,throwing everything on the floor. I yelled as the clown mask landed near me. Harry gasped,grabbing the kitten. Louis jumped,getting the carrot,and eating it. Zayn snatched the mirror,looking at his reflection. Liam threw the spoon at the wall.

I ran towards the couch,sitting on Harry's lap. He put the kitten near my face. I laughed,stroking the kitten. Harry crashed his lips on mine as I was carrying the kitty. I laughed a bit before Поцелуи back. The only way someone could make me happy is to make Harry laugh. He was so amazing.

Liam's P.O.V

I stared at the both of them. That should be me. AH! Now I'm turning into Justin Bieber! No,no. I could Любовь her еще than Harry does. Yeah,that fit the situation. Oh,how I wish that was me. Harry crashed his lips on Hanna's soft,red,full lips. I glared at Harry. Hanna kisses him back. I felt my сердце break. I stood up,storming out of the living room and into Nialler's room. Yes,this was Larry's flat but we each had a room here.

''What's wrong,buddy?'' Niall asked as I went to the laptop.

''Oh,nothing really. Besides Hanna and Harry'' I сказал(-а) a bit angry

''Oh,Leeeyum. It's ok'' Niall сказал(-а) comfortingly

I stared at him. Lies was what he was telling. I couldn't stand seeing them together. I would walk through the desert,I would walk down the aisle,I would swim all the ocean just to see her smile. Whatever it takes it's fine. I'm only here because Hanna украл, палантин my heart.

Hanna's P.O.V

I'm going to sleep now. I'm really tired. I walked past Niall's room. I went into Harry's room,jumping into his постель, кровати and falling asleep the минута I got in that bed. I loved Harry,just like I loved the boys. But Harry was the one for me.
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