The weather wasn't easy on us.It had rained 3 days straight,Turning the dirt roads in to mud.
I came along the journey,Trying to help in any kind of way I could.My feet were sore from walking,I carried a bag,Owned by Louis Tomlinson.He and a man named Clark lead us to the west.He was tall and handsome,I admired him deeply.
I walked along by a wagon,Inside the wagon was a young man,Named Zayn.He was moving things around,Sorting out.
He dropped a chest,Then there was a thud.He had broken the wheel of his wagon.Louis on his,Horse rode over to him.
"Stop!"He yelled.
The rest of the wagons discontinued.
"Perphaps,We should stop soon."I said.
He looked to the east and saw smoke in the air,Maybe from a fire.
"Theres people."I told him.
"Why I'm aware of that,"He told me."We shall continue,Were unfortunately running low on food,Maybe they have some."he announced.The wagons started to continued downhill.
Louis rode off.I put his bag in the wagon.
"What are Ты going to do?"I asked.
"Why,I'm going to carry it."Zayn told me.
"How are Ты going to do so?"
He got on his knees and he trembled as he picked it up.
He was flexing,His body glistened in the sunlight.I noted his handsomeness.I turned around were he could see and losed my dress by untieing it,attempting to cleavage.
"See,Ive got it."He bragged.
I laughed,as he struggled.
"I like you,Your simple stupidity amuses me."I admitted.
"Nice to know."He сказал(-а) under his breath.
We continued on,there was an african large woman,and her small cottage.
"May we sleep in here tonight,Mam?"louis asked.
"What's in it for me?I'm a free woman,Id like to stay that way."
"How about this?"
He handed her a small sack of gold.
She smiled.
"Let me clean up some."She told him.
Shortly after she came back and opened the door.
"Due to your service,You are being granted a room."Louis told me.
"There's only three rooms,So y'all are going to have to share."the woman told us."You there,You there and Ты and him there."She pointed at me and a young lad named niall.
"Um,Can ther be another way?"I asked.
"Yes,You can sleep outside."she told me.
He gazed at me,He was rather cute.
We went in the bedroom.I unpacked and put my things in the drawers.I was upset,I was stuck with this stubborn boy.
I rose up and closed the door,He startled me.He stood there shirtless.
"Where'd your рубашка go?"
"What that muddy thing,Im going to wash it."
"Oh really?theres no water."
"what?Does it bother you?"He took a step closer to me.
He took my hand and put it on his bare chest.I felt his heartbeat,His moist body,glistened in the sun through the window.He puting his hands on my bum,He rubbed all over my body.
"Not at all."I whispered.
He unlaced my dress and exposing my body,my dress fell to the ground.He pulled me closer to him and kissed me,He kissed my neck.I was breathing hard,So was he.He picked me up and put me on the bed.He kissed my neck and loved me all the way down.

It was morning and I had woken up lying Далее to Niall,He spelt like an angel.I gazed apon his warm bare body,I got on вверх of him and kissed him.He moaned and mumbled.
"Wake up,My love."I whispered.
He opened his eyes,smiled and closed them again.
I kissed him again,pushing my body against his.He started to rubbed my back as I dragged my fingers across his abs.
"Nialler..."Louis opened the door.
We froze,He stared and slowly walked out.We got dressed,And hurried out.I seen Zayn picking up his tent and putting a new wheel on his wagon.
"Did Ты sleep well?"He asked me.
"Um,Yea.Did you?"
"I didn't sleep much."
"How come?"
"No reason."
"Oh come there has to be."
I smiled and went to the other side of the wagon leaning against it.
"You really want to know,I was thinking of a special gal I met the other day."
"Oh really?Your a Влюбленные boy,Who is this wonderful girl?"I asked with wonder.
"I won't say her name,But she's beautiful with hazel eyes and dark hair,Shes really nice to."he smiled as he packed his things.
Niall then walked up to me a grabbed my hand,Being protective.
"Come on,Let's go."He told me.
We started to walk away,But I looked back,Zayn smiled at me,I winked at him.We walked for awhile going up hill.
"Um,I'm going walk with Zayn."I told Niall.
He looked disturbed as I walked away.
"So Ты left him?"Zayn smiled.
"Don't get your hopes up,"I warned him.
"Why I'd say earlier Ты were pretty jealous about the other girl."he smiled.
"Well I'd say Ты were pretty jealous I was walking with Niall."
"Yea but his jealous now because your walking with m.."
The ground was drying up and cracking,Zayn had his foot stuck inbetweeen the the cracks.He tried to free himself with no success.
"Try taking off your boot."
He tried but he couldn't his feet were to swollen.
"Ill be fine,You should go."
"No I'm not leaving Ты here."
The others were getting farther over time and it grew darker,also colder in the mountains.We had a small огонь going from a few twigs,We sat together on the ground.
"Can Ты get me the blanket in the wagon?"He asked me.
I got up and got the quilt and put it on him.I was shivering,I was so cold.He looked at me and gave me the blanket.
"Here Ты need it еще then me."he told me.
"But your cold too.."
"Don't worry about me."He told me.
I got up and got closer to him,And shared the blanket.Suprisingly he wrapped his arms around me,I put my head on his chest,I could hear his сердце beat.He held me and we cuddled there underneath the stars.We remained cold through.After a few minutes,He sat up.
"What are Ты doing?"I asked.
He took off his shirt.
"Body warmth."He said.
He then he wrapped his arms around me tight,I put my head on his chest.He was warm,and his busy was moist,His lips looking so kissable.He stroked my cheek and ran his fingers through my hair.I could here his heartbeat,A small thud after another.
He faxed apon me with a small delighted smile,As I bit my lip.
"Please don't bite your lip,There to pretty."He whispered.
"Then I'll bite yours.."
I kissed his bottom lip then softly nibbled on it.Pulling away with my teeth gently gripped on his bottom lip.He smiled at me and kissed again,He licked my upper lip.I nibbled on his tongue with great sweet delight.He romantically kissed me once еще on upper lip then he closed his eyes.I put my hand on his chest and fell asleep.

Morning had came and the swelling in his foot went down.He was freed and we had miles to go before we caught up with the others,I had fallen in love.