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Liam's P.O.V.
After the campfire we all headed off to our cabins to get some much needed sleep.
"I am so tired" I сказал(-а) as I rolled onto my bed.
"Same here bro" Zayn сказал(-а) walking into the bathroom.
"Goodnight Louis сказал(-а) as he walked in, he jumped into his постель, кровати straight away.
"Hey Guys, Night guys" Harry сказал(-а) as he came through the door.
"I am so bored, and hungry" Niall сказал(-а) as he walked through the door.
"W"hatever I'm going to bed. Night Guys" I сказал(-а) before going to sleep.
---------THE NEXTED MORNING---------
We all woke up to laughing and screaming.
"What is all that laughter?" I сказал(-а) opening my eyes.
"I have no idea, Louis your the closest to the window, look for what it is" Niall сказал(-а) burrying his face into his pillow.
"It is a girl, a boy, Shannon, Shae and the rest of the people that came with Shannon" Louis sais as he looked out the window.
"What?" Harry and Niall сказал(-а) getting up and walking over to the window.
"Who are they and why are they with Shae and her friends?" Niall said.

Shae's P.O.V.
I couldn't believe it, well none of us could, Madison came to the holiday park and so did my Shannon's ex-Boyfriend.
"So Micheal, why are Ты here?" Shannon asked walking up to Micheal.
"Oh Ты know" Micheal сказал(-а) looking at her.
"No I don't actually and I would like to know why Ты came""Shannon сказал(-а) giving him the death eye.
"What a guy can't come see his ex-Girlfriend at a holiday park" Micheal said.
"Actually Ты shouldn't even be here" Shannon said.
"Whatever, I'm here to see my bestfriend" Micheal сказал(-а) walking over to Coan.
We all just stopped for a минута then we bursted out laughing.
"Are Ты serious" I сказал(-а) looking at them.
"Come on Madison we'll Показать ypou where Ты are staying" I сказал(-а) taking her to my cabin.
We couldn't stop laughing.

Coan's P.O.V.
Yes Micheal came just in time, now I could break Shannon, there's no way she can resist him.
"Come on Micheal I'll Показать Ты where your staying.
I toke him to my кабина and showed him a постель, кровати he could sleep on.
"So Ты share a кабина with Shannon, that's cool" He сказал(-а) walking out of the cabin.
"Well breakfast will be ready soon, so I'll take Ты to the hall and Показать Ты around before breakfast" I сказал(-а) shutting the door.
"Whatever, but your sure Shannon won't be able to resist me?" Micheal said.
"I have no idea" I сказал(-а) taking him to hall.

Shannon's P.O.V.
I went with Madison and Shae to see One Direction because Madison was a huge Фан of them, so I wanted to see her reaction.
"Ok, Mdaison the people in here are very Популярное and Ты might freak out when Ты meet them, so I am warning you" I сказал(-а) walking up to the door of One Direction's cabin.
"Shannon I'll be fine, it's not like I'm meeting One Direction" Madison joked.
"Yeah" Shae and I сказал(-а) before knocking on the door.
"Who is it?" Louis сказал(-а) in a girly voice.
"It's us, please open" I said.
"Just come in" Liam screamed from behind the door.
"That sounded like Liam from One Direction" Madison сказал(-а) with a confused look.
"Ok, thanks guys" Shae сказал(-а) before I opened the door.
The boys had no рубашка on which was really cute but Zayn was in the shower.
"OMG" Madison сказал(-а) as she saw 1D in front of her.
"Shannon" Harry сказал(-а) coming up to me and hugging me.
"Shae" Niall сказал(-а) picking Shae up and hugging her.
We were worried because Madison loved Niall from 1D and Shae was dating him, so we were worried what she would think.
"NIALL HORAN IS IN THE SAME ROOM AS ME" Madison screamed as she starred at Niall. and Shae.
"Who's this?" Louis сказал(-а) getting off his bed.
"This is our friend Madison" Shae said.
"Niall I am your biggest fan, will Ты marry me?" Madison said.
"You haven't told her, have you?" Niall asked putting Shae down.
"No we haven't" Shae сказал(-а) backing away.
"Well I don't know Ты so I'm gonna say no" Niall сказал(-а) walking back to his bed.
"Ok, I know everything about you" Madison сказал(-а) looking to the ground.
"Ok, well breakfast will be ready soon" Shae сказал(-а) as we walked out.
"Shannon stay for a while" Harry сказал(-а) before I walked out.
"Gotta get ready for breakfast" I сказал(-а) while leaving.
"So why were Ты guys hugging Niall and Harry?" Madison asked.
"Why wouldn't we?" Shae сказал(-а) as she winked at me.
"Ok well by the end of the day, Niall will Любовь me, I know it" Madison сказал(-а) with pride.
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Julli’s POV
I waved bye to the boy’s as we drove to Adi’s house.
“put in our CD” asked Adi, we had made a CD with each other, last месяц and listened to it all the time. Drunk by Ed Sheeran began and we sang along the whole car ride Главная to whichever song came on. When Adi pulled into her drive-way , I saw her family sitting on their front porch, and her dad was grilling.
“ Hola, Julli, como estas?” (how are you?) asked her mom , giving me a warm smile. I felt like Adi’s house, was y real home, and seeing her family brought on a smile on my face.
“Bien, thank you” (good) her...
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Lillian's P.o.V 

Once Semra and I arrived Главная I started to pack all the stuff that I needed. Was I did that I got dressed, I was wearing green skinny jeans with a white t-shirt with blue stripes. "do Ты think that's all?" I asked. 
"yeah!" I said
Then I went to my car to start packing. Semra сказал(-а) that she will come too but not to the concert. On the way to the концерт Semra and I were listening to some 1D songs, Semra seemed to like a few. once we got to the концерт place there was all ready over 1000 girls there even know it starts in half an hour. I found my сиденье, место, сиденья and sat down. I couldn't...
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One Direction
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Dylan’s POV:

I guess Ты could say I was living the dream of every teenage girl on the face of this planet. I was best Друзья with Harry Styles, and he invited me to travel on tour with him and the rest of One Direction. I’d admit it, I was hesitant at first. Everyone thinks Harry and I are dating, so I get a lot of hate mail. It just wasn’t so, and I don’t think that would ever happen. He’s Harry Styles, for Christ’s sake.

I laughed at Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan who were having a contest to see who could balance the most печенье on their face. “You guys look like total idiots.”...
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As we pulled into the parking lot im sure ALL of us were shaken as we got out of the car and before we walked threw the door i paused and my palms were sweaty its okay my Друзья tryed to comfort me but on a smile and сказал(-а) lets do this thing. We walked in and we were one of the first people there wow and we got front row YAY!!!!!!!. We sat down Eleanor was on my left and summer was on my right i was directly in the middle of the first row WELCOME. GIRLS HERE COMES ONE DIRECTION!!! everyone was screaming i couldn't hear myself think then all of the sudden 5 boys popped out on stage everyone...
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 Twitter Pic
Twitter Pic
I hesitated as Zayn took my hand,leading me towards the X-Factor stage. Harry sent Zayn glares,but he sent me a reassuring smile.

"Why the fuck do I have to perform? I don't even have my own song!" I whispered/exclaimed

Zayn smiled,"We know,babe. But guess what? Everyone heard your cover of our song and they wanted Ты to perform live. But it's gonna be Ты and Harry"

"What?!! What song?! I'm supposed to be in the US,but your management decided to organize a performance for me" I pouted

Harry walked up,two microphones in his hand,he handed one to me. Zayn stood there,with his microphone. He was...
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"Hey,What's the room number?Is she alright?"Courtney asked me through the phone,She sounded very worried.
"Um yea,She's alright."
I had told her Anna pasted out...which was a lie..
I looked to see,that Mr.Tom was Письмо again as he laid in his bed.
"Who's that?"he wrote in pencil.
I didn't answer him,I just continued talking.
"The room numbers 106."
"okay,that right there."
Shortly after she appeared and opened the door.She froze,losing every expression in her mind.She looked absolutely thoughtless.She just stared at me and balled her fist,as tears ran down her face ruining her makeup.Suddenly all...
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Chapter 7-Raven's P.O.V.
I hope I'm doing this right, Raven thought as she was Поцелуи Niall. She never kissed a guy, and she was embarassed at that thought. But at the same time, she was glad that Niall was her first.
Raven peeped one eye open to see Niall shocked but then starting to blush. Raven the felt two muscular arms got around her tiny waist. She felt them squeeze her hips and she gasped. Raven felt Niall chuckle in her mouth and snake his tongue in her mouth. They both smiled under the kiss. This is awesome, Raven thought.
Then she noticed that Niall was running out of air. She finally...
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Madison's P.O.V

I was with nick talking in the park when ruby and Harry are at the bench. She is distracting him for me which is really nice. We were walking when it was already 10:32pm. I сказал(-а) bye to nick and I gave him my number he gave me his and I went inside. When I did I bumped хлопать, привкус into Harry I fell right on вверх of him I quickly got up and saw the number on the floor. I ran over but Harry beat me to it. He opened it but I smacked it out of his hand before he could glance at it and ran upstairs. Harry followed behind but I didn't notice. I closed the door and saw Harry behind. I turned...
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Aria POV:

I woke up and Nick was lying with me. I smiled and sat up.
"And this is going on twitter!"
"Joe!" I yelled chasing him. He ran by the pool and tripped, diving into the pool. I fell to the ground laughing.
"Where's my phone?!" He yelled coming up from the water. I stood up from the warm bumpy cement I looked over my shoulder and saw it on the ground. I picked it up and Joe chased me. I stopped by a pond. I stuck the phone out over the water.
"Delete the picture and Ты can have it back!" I said.
"Deal!" I deleted the pictures and was about to give him his phone back.
"Nope!" I pushed...
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Via's POV
Via: Dinner?
Zayn: Nah. I'm still full.

I heard his phone ringing and he answered it. The loudspeaker is on so I can hear the conversation.

:Phone Conversation:
Zayn: Hello, Harry.

Harry's calling him. I hope he'll not tell Harry where I am или else I will be moving to another place again.

Harry: Bro, are Ты at London?
Zayn: (glances at me)

I gave him the don't-tell-him-where-i-am-or-i'm-going-to-kill-you look.

Zayn: (continues talking to Harry on the phone) Yeah. I'm already in London. You're still at Los Angeles?
Harry: Yeah. But in the Далее three days we will be going home.
Zayn: Okay.
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Via's POV
I was watching 'Eat, Pray, Love' right now since I didn't finish the movie yesterday because of the arrival of my new neighbor MALIK. I'm eating chips right now. I paused the movie because the doorbell rang. I went near the window first to check if it's Zayn или not. When I checked at the window who it is, it's not Zayn so I'm relieved. I got out of the house and saw a French man standing by my gate. Sorry I didn't Показать Ты the gate of my house earlier. I greeted the man.
Me: Bonjour, sir! How may I help you?
Man: My name is Marchelo. Sir Zayn's driver.

Oh Fab and this man have the same...
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Via's POV
After thirty минуты of driving, at last I reached my house. I drive slow because I always look at the side mirrors или the mirror in front of the driver's seat. Ты know why? Maybe because I'm afraid if someone followed me или maybe.. Zayn saw me and follows me. Well, good thing someone didn't. I parked the car at the гараж and enters the house. I turned on the lights and heads to the кухня to cook my dinner. I admit it was lonely being alone. At home, i always wait for my mom to finish cooking our ужин but now, i was the one cooking dinner, for myself. my ужин was just simple....
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Tori's POV:

I wasn't surprised when I found my luggage in the lobby. I just grabbed it and started walking to the airport. Too many things were going on in my life. And then I realized it. Being famous wasn't for me. It was too overwhelming.

My phone sings 'Dance With Me Tonight' by Olly Murs. I glance at the screen. It's Niall. I ignore the call and turn off my phone. I hear snickers as I leave the hotel carrying my stuff. I don't turn around. I don't care. I already know what they're thinking. There goes that slut!

I was never a slut! I was a cheater... and I hated it because I Любовь Niall more...
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