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A/N: This story is about your first дата with your 1D Boyfriend.

Tonight was the night that your Boyfriend, Harry, was taking Ты out on your first ever date. Ты ahd no idea where he was taking Ты so of course Ты were suspicious.
"Y/N, Are Ты ready?" Harry asked from down stairs.
"Almost Harry, just give me a minute" Ты said.
Ты got into this dress:

And wore these shoes:

Ты then put your hair into a tidy bun and a put on some lite make-up.
"Y/N" Harry yelled.
"I'm coming" Ты yelled back as Ты walked down the stairs.
"Wow, Ты look amazing" He сказал(-а) taking your hand.
He took Ты to a fancy restuarant that sold amazing food.
After Ты and Harry left the restuarant Harry took Ты to a park where Ты walked and talked.
"Harry this has been an amazin night" Ты said.
"Yeah" He сказал(-а) back.
"Y/N I Любовь you" He said.
"I Любовь Ты too" Ты сказал(-а) before Ты kissed him on the cheeks.

Today Louis was taking Ты on your first date.
He was taking Ты on a romantic walk in the park.
"Y/N are Ты ready?" Louis asked.
"Yeah just getting dress" Ты said.
Ты wore this purple dress:

And these shoes:

Ты left your hair down and in curls and put on a little make-up and headed to the door where Louis was waiting.
"Let's go babe" He сказал(-а) as he took your hand.
He drove Ты to the park and Ты set off for your walk.
After ten минуты of silence Ты decided to talk.
"This is so romantic Louis" Ты сказал(-а) putting Ты head on his shoulder.
"Yeah" He сказал(-а) Поцелуи your forehead.
Both of Ты talked for the rest of the night while Ты walked.

"Y/N Are Ты ready?" Liam yelled.
"Almost" Ты yelled back.
Ты had been trying to find something to wear for your first дата with Liam, Ты couldn't find anything to wear until Ты looked at the back of your wardrobe.
This Dress:

Ты then found these shoes:

Ты had your hair in curls and rarely any make-up on.
"Liam, I'm coming" Ты yelled as Ты came down the stairs.
When Ты got to the door where Liam was standing all he could do is stare.
"Wow" Is all he could say.
"Let's go" Ты сказал(-а) a he took Ты hand.
He took Ты to the cimema's to watch a romantic comedy.
After the Фильмы Liam toom Ты back home.
"That was the best movie I have ever seem" Ты сказал(-а) as Liam walked Ты up to your door.
"Yeah it was" Liam сказал(-а) as Ты both stopped.
"I'll see Ты tomorrow?" Liam said.
"Totally" Ты сказал(-а) as Ты kissed him goodnight.

Tonight Ты were going over to Niall's house for a movie night.
As Ты were looking for a dress Ты got a text from Niall, It said:
'Hey Y/N, Can't wait much longer, plz hurry.xx'
The text Ты sent back was:
'Coming soon babe just getting readyxx'
Ты finally found a dress to wear and some shoes.
Your Top:

Your pants:

Your Shoes:

Ты left your hair down and put on very little make-up.
Ты grabbed your keys and and phone then headed off to Niall's flat.
Ты walked up to his door then knocked.
"Y/N, Your hear, come in" He сказал(-а) after he hugged you.
"Hey NIall" Ты сказал(-а) as he released you.
Ты sat down at the таблица and then he brought the Еда out.
After ужин Ты and Niall watched a movie, it was a comedy.
Before Ты left Niall сказал(-а) goodbye and hugged you.
"Night Y/N, we should do this again sometime" He сказал(-а) while he hugged you.
"Yeah we should" Ты said.
After that Ты left.

Ты and Zayn were goingt to have your first дата as a workout date, where Ты go out to the gym and workout together.
Ты were looking for Ты workout clothes when Ты heard a knock at the door, so of course Ты went to answer it.
"Zayn, I thought I was going to met Ты at the gym" Ты сказал(-а) as Ты hugged him.
"Yeah, but I wanted to surprise you" He сказал(-а) as Ты released him.
"Alright well I gotta get changed first so Ты can come in and wait" Ты сказал(-а) as Ты motioned for him to come in.
After that Ты headed up to your wardrobe to find Ты workout clothes, Ты found them at the back of your wardrobe because Ты hadn't worn them in a while.
Ты workout top:

Your workout shorts:

Ты workout shoes:

Ты put your hair in a ponytail and wore no make-up as Ты might be sweating.
Ты went down stairs and then Ты and Zayn jogged to th gym.
"Let's go on the weigths first" Zayn said.
"Fine, but I'm starting light" Ты said, Zayn just chuckled and got on the bench.
Ты were at the gym for two hours after that and Zayn also found out that Ты were very strong!
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My mother told me I should go and get some therapy
I asked the doctor can Ты find out what is wrong with me
I don't know why I wanna be with every girl I meet
I can't control it
Yeah, I know it's taking over me
I'm going crazy
Can't contain it
So tell me just what I should do

She said, hey, it's alright
Does it make Ты feel alive?
Don't look back
Live your life
Even if it's only for tonight
She said, hey, it's alright
If it makes Ты feel alive

Went to a party, just after the doctor talked to me
I met a girl, I took her, end up to the balcony
I whispered something in her ear that I just can't repeat
She said...
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