Harry: "He's gonna be so mad." Ты chuckle, as Ты and Louis straightened your boyfriend's hair. "When he finds out. I'm blaming you." Ты continue, as Ты finish your masterpiece. Harry's usually curly, beautiful locks now straight and flat. "What?" Louis exclaims quietly, raising an eyebrow at you. "I'm his girlfriend, I'm not supposed to be helping Ты do... do... This!" Ты point to his head as Ты slowly back away from the диван, мягкий уголок where Harry was napping. "Exactly, Ты are his girlfriend. He loooves you. He's not gonna be so upset when he finds out it was you." Louis explains as Ты leave the room, and quietly close the door, sitting on the hallway floor to wait for his reaction. It takes twenty минута for Harry to wake up, and Ты are pretty sure everyone in the venue could his his yells. "Who did this to my hair?" He opens the door, pointing to the not so perfectly straightened hair. "Louis did it!" Ты shout, pointing at Louis, as the Doncaster boy exclaims at the same time, pointing at you. "[Y/N] did it!"

Liam: "I refuse to do that. He will never forgive me." Ты say quietly, staring at Liam's smiling face. "[Y/N], he locked us in a haunted house!" Zayn whispers back. Ты shudder, remembering your nightmares. "Oh, it's on." Ты agree, and both of Ты run towards your bedroom, where Ты lay and pretend to be asleep. "If he breaks up with me, you're dead" Ты spend a couple of moments in silence, and Ты were almost asleep when Ты heard Louis' voice. "Ah, mate. [Y/N]? Haven't seen her. Saw Zayn walk into your room, though." The Doncaster lad replies, loudly, and Ты shake Zayn. "He's here." Ты whisper, and the door slams open. "Babe? Are Ты here... Zayn? [Y/N]?" Liam gasps, and Ты control your laughter. "Oh, my God. What is happening...” He mumbles. "Are they?" He gasps, and Ты can't control it anymore. Ты open your eyes and burst into laughter. "What?..." His mouth falls open. "Payback's a bitch, babe!" Ты shout. "Louis, we got him!" Ты scream towards the open door, where Louis head shows up. "That was priceless!" "You pranked me?" Liam asks still in shock, and Ты hug him. "S'alright, love. We're even now." Ты Kiss him. "Ay, why didn't Ты wake me up?"

Louis: "This is going to be the most massive prank of all time." Niall whispers, as the two of Ты hold the bag of floor. Louis' is loudly Пение in the bus shower, so he can't see you, and the boys are hidden in the room, that's across the bathroom. Ты tip toe to the shower, turning both bags of flour into his body and he screams, as Ты laugh loudly. The boys run over, as Louis opens the bathroom door, revealing his currently naked and white figure. "You little shits!" He exclaims, as Ты laugh hysterically. "You little piece of shit." He stares at all five of you, before his eyes land on you. "It was you, wasn't it?" He points, and Ты shake your head, hugging Niall for balance. "Oh, it was both of you." He points between Ты two. "I'm getting Ты back for this. I'm gonna get Ты back good." He growled, laughing a bit at himself, before going back to the shower. "This thing better come out, или I'll tell our managers all about it!" He threatened, as Ты all kept laughing. "Did Ты get that on camera?"

Niall: "This is such a classic prank." Harry smiles as Niall goes to his room to switch clothes, since Ты insisted he didn't look appropriate enough for a friendly get together. Which was basically a load of bull, Ты just wanted to get him back for the день he put a lock on the fridge, and left with the key. "That's the thing, he's never gonna suspect for this." Ты explain, rolling your eyes. "Niall loves salt in his chips." Louis agrees. "[Y/N], I gotta admit, Ты are kind of en evil genius." He continues, and Ты fake bow, switching the salt pot for the sugar one, before sitting back. "He's right, you're great." Zayn laughs, extending his hand for a high-five, which Ты eagerly correspond. "I'm back, everyone!" Niall enters the dining room, sitting down Далее to you. "This looks good, I'm starving." He rubs his hands together, grabbing a bunch of everything. Ты and Liam switch an secret glance, as Niall looks over the salt. "Baby, pass me the salt, please?" He asks, and Louis hands it to you, who give it for Niall. As the salt addict he is, he turns the pot around, filling the chips and the rest of the Еда with sugar. He eagerly chomps the food, his smile turning into a frown as he picks a napkin. "Oh, my God. Who did this?" He looks around the таблица accusingly, as Ты all burst into laughter. "Gotcha, babe! Now we're even." Ты Kiss his sugary lips, and laugh at his gutted expression.

Zayn: "He's gonna flip." Ты warn, as Liam raises his eyebrows. "Liam, he is going to flip." Ты repeat, but the recently shaved teen just laughs. "He loves us, [Y/N]. He won't be mad." He hugs your side, and it's your turn to raise your eyebrows. "For too long." He finishes. "But well, this is payback for that time when he put glue into my toothpaste." He solemnly announces, before smiling again. "And the time he put hair dye in my shampoo." Ты mumble, before looking up at Liam. "Let's do this." Ты nod, as Ты run to his wardrobe, gathering all of his Nike shoes and every other pair of shoes he owned and walked around the house hiding it. Ты had to admit Ты even thrown some (like seven) pairs at the pool, and Liam hid one in the front yard tree. "He is definitely going to flip." Ты repeat, as Ты throw a pair in the toilet. "Zayn's got so many shoes, my God!" Liam complains, and Ты agree. Ты are having so much fun hiding Zayn's shoes all over the house Ты don't even realize he's home. "Babe?" He shouts, and Ты and Liam stare at each other, throwing the shoes around. "What are you... What happened to my shoes?" He stares at the pairs on the floor. "They're still in here. Somewhere. In this house. или maybe in the backyard. или whatever." Liam smiles, shrugging. "[Y/N] and I are going to enjoy our payback on the living room, so, bye." He pulls Ты out of the room while your boyfriend is still in shock. "[Y/N], Liam! Why are my shoes in a freaking tree?"