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 Liam Payne,Glamour Magazine photoshoot,2013
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Source: Liam Payne,Glamour Magazine photoshoot,2013
Liam Payne,Glamour Magazine photoshoot,2013
Лиам Пейн
glamour magazine photoshoot
Kiss Ты
tumblr 2013
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This One Direction фото might contain верхняя одежда and верхней одежды.

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Niall Horan Fanfic Chapter 14: Like We Used To
    I was hoping that Niall didn’t go to meet Josh. I loved Niall, but I wasn’t ready for him to know. The phone rang.
“Hello?” I said.
“Where does Josh live.” I heard that sweet Irish accent say.
“Why can’t Ты just believe me?” I said.
“Why don’t Ты answer my question?” Niall said.
“I don’t want Ты going to see him.” I said.
“Because you’re hiding something. Hazel I thought we were past all of this? I thought we told each other everything? Well I guess not.” He said.
His words broke my heart....
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The Далее morning, Carter shot up from her постель, кровати and stood up. She journeyed into her en-suite bathroom and looked in the mirror. Dark bags hung under her eyes and she looked very pale. Sticky blood marks clung on her arm and she wiped them carefully with a cloth, wincing as she did so. She tied her hair into a messy bun and threw on a hoodie.

She couldn’t seem to stop sneezing and had a horrible headache. She felt so un-well and didn’t feel up to anything today. She dragged her body down the stairs and ventured into the sitting room. Harry smiled warmly at her when he saw her, which made her...
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“Mum! I’m home!” Harry announced as he strolled through the door and shut it closed.
“Harry darling! How was school?” Anne, Harry’s mother cooed.
“Fine thanks. Is it alright if I stay at Liam’s tonight?” Harry questioned.

“Of course! Speaking of Liam, I saw Carter walking Главная today with tears in her eyes. What happened to her?” Anne asked worriedly as she was very fond of Carter.
“I don’t know mum.” Harry retorted bitterly.

Anne nodded and looked down, sighing slightly.

“Just look out for her Harry. She’s had a rough time and after all, Ты two used to be the best...
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