As part of One Piece’s 20 Years anniversary celebrations, it was announced that there would be a live-action One Piece Телевидение series in the works. The upcoming tv Показать is being overseen by Tomorrow ITV Studies under the supervision of Marty Adelstein, who has previously worked on Prison Break.

It was announced after 20 great years after the first chapter released on the 22nd July of 1997. It was announced by the WSJ Editor-in-Chief Hiroyuki Nakano who announced at the press conference at Tokyo Tower.

It was also previously announced that Tomorrow Studies is also working on a live-action series for the very Популярное Аниме Cowboy Bepop. Adelstein also mentions that One Piece live-action TV series could turn out to be one of the most expensive TV series ever made. At the moment, there has been no production, или release details.

Eiichiro Oda is also quoted in the announcement saying:

This translates to:

There have been many talks about making a live-action series in the past 20 years. About three years ago, we began to seriously consider it. After many twists and turns, we found a good partner. Coincidentally, we made the production announcement on the 20th anniversary. I am very happy. This announcement may cause some anxiety but my one condition for the series is to never betray the Фаны who supported my work for 20 years. Please get excited and wait for the Далее report.

Please look вперед to it!!

– Eiichiro Oda

So what are your thoughts on this? I know when the world Hollywood mixes with anime, it usually means death, but could One Piece, literally one of the biggest anime’s, pull it off when Dragon Ball couldn’t?