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FlameKissed posted on Apr 27, 2009 at 02:38AM
I just finished catching up on the latest anime episodes, I had gotten a couple behind, and wow! They were really good. I love Luffy. He is the kind of main character who punches exactly who I want him to when I want him too ^_^

But anyways, what does everyone think about all these new big bounty people they have just added? I think the Law guy looks the coolest, but his power is kinda freaky :P

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Больше года FlameKissed said…
Hey, I know someone must want to talk about it >> geez
Больше года Rickrorschach said…
big smile
lol,well ur episodes are even far behind a lot. supernovas are old news. if you want to check it out eh manga goes a LOT further and its really kool.
go to www.onemanga.com and go to the one piece chapters.

otherwise yea law is pretty kool. wait till u see basil hawkins fight kizaru,thatll be the next episode or maybe the one after that,depends how much they can string out till the BIG fight coming up.
Больше года Rickrorschach said…
sheesh guys cmmon im tryin to start a convo and noones sayin anythin,cmmoooooooon,dontchya like it how kumas bout ready to rape the straw hats and defeat em all?!?! but it turn saving them from actualy being killed by kizaru and the other pasifistas
Больше года FlameKissed said…
XD I didn't reply cause you seemed a little snooty there Rick, not meaning any offence, I just got a vide that I wasn't wanted XD. I only watched the anime cause I didn't really like the drawing style as a manga, so it was new to me :P but yeah, I got behind on watching the episodes again with, so I'm not sure exactly what happens next, but I really like law. And not just his looks XD he has a pretty sweet power too. I can't wait for this arc to really get going ^_^ But I was so surprised that they split up the whole crew, everyone at a different place! I wonder how they are going to get them back together.
Больше года OnePieceFanatic said…
I love both the manga and anime, i've watched and read every single one there is out. this is the one anime that i don't get mad at the main character. i'm pretty sure they find each other by using the viva card seeing how they all have one i think.... well i know luffy does for sure >>>SPOILER<<<< don't you find it kind of weird how Boa Handcock falls in love with luffy right after she put him to the death penalty 0.o oh well this will make something interesting happen!
Больше года Fitch said…
This whole time I thought this forum was manga spoilers so I never clicked on it. I do want to read the manga to find out what happens, but I like watching the anime and not knowing what happens. I think it's more exciting that way. But then again, One Piece is always exciting.

But OnePieceFanatic is right, they do have the viva cards. But from the way it's going, it doesn't seem like we'll see the rest of the crew any time soon. But that's ok cuz I think Luffy is awesome^^
Больше года joshv009 said…
I Dont Like Reading The manga Spoilers.
I just like watching the anime's
One Piece is soooo..... AWESOME!!!
But it's really getting exiting with Impel down.
I'm Really enjoying it.
I find trafalgar really interesting. He's got a weird power.
I Wanna know what Happen's Next.
Больше года griffioen said…
I like eustass kids ability the most, and trafalgar law is really cool. basil got kind of a cool ability too, but seems very weak. Jewelry bonnie is funny and I really want her to have a eating contest with luffy. The rest of the supernovas look like stupid weak failers, but maybe Im wrong. (im not talking about luffy and zoro of course, they are the best)
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