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I got really bored so here's just a little story I made up. As I сказал(-а) I'm really bored.
Season 7 Episode 1 'Touch me, I'm going to scream Part 2'.
Illumination came from the roaring огонь within the marble mantlepiece surrmounted by a golden mirror.
Seven Друзья plus a baby girl and a young boy were sitting in a various seats in the living room embracing the warmth form the огонь and talking among themselves. The gang had decided to spend a week in Rachels log cabin. Luckily Rachel gave Brooke the keys after she left дерево Hill.
Lucas was holding Sawyer and pulling faces hoping to make her laugh. Negatory. She didn't even smirk. Though Peyton was laughing at her husbands' poor attempt to make his daughter smile. Skillz and Nathan were in deep disscusion anout Nathans' new team, the шарлотка, шарлотта Bobcats:he finally made it to the NBA. Brooke, Hayley and Mouth were talking quielty about everday день things while Jamie had fallen asleep on his mothers lap.
Yes, Ты could say everything and everyone was happy and content. But this is One дерево Hill. When is anything ever happy and content for еще than a hour.
Just outside, was a tall, blonde stranger staring into the cabin. This man had a beautiful angle tattooed onto his back. He had a sly smirk on his face whilst holding a large кухня knife. This mans' name was Ian, But he was better known as Psycho Derek.
'Peyton!' he yelled.
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"At this moment, there are 6 billion, 4 hundred, 71 million, 8 hundred, 18 thousand, 6 hundred, 71 people in the world. Some are running scared.. some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day.. others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men at war with good, and some are good.. struggling with evil. 6 billion people in the world, 6 billion souls -- and sometimes...all Ты need is 1."
That's one of my Избранное Цитаты on One дерево холм, хилл :)
Um...Even though I my Избранное couple is Brooke and Lucas, I thought that since there are two other couples that people can seem to...
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One дерево холм, хилл commenced on September 23, 2003. The first season finale aired on May 11, 2004.

Tree холм, хилл is a small town in North Carolina, Главная to the famous High School баскетбол team "The дерево холм, хилл Ravens" and two half-brothers Lucas Scott (played by Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (played by James Lafferty). The two brothers have grown up in the same town, but have had little или no contact with each other due to the influence of their mutual father, Dan Scott (Paul Johansson).

Dan dated Lucas' mother Karen Roe (Moira Kelly) in High School but left her and his unborn child (Lucas) behind...
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James Lafferty, звезда of the locally filmed TV series “One дерево Hill,” broke some bad news on the OTHfans.com Web site this week. He won’t be holding a charity баскетбол game this год in Wilmington as he has for the past five years. The game has been a big hit with Фаны who get to buy “One дерево Hill”-related merchandise and take фото of the cast and crew competing on the court. Last year, еще than 1,300 Фаны paying $25 each packed the stands of Cape Fear Community College’s Schwartz Center. Lafferty’s publicist released a statement to the site explaining why he canceled this...
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Rachel Gatina: Okay, let me get this straight. Ты don't have feelings for Lucas anymore, Peyton does, but she's willing to hide those feelings if Ты asked her to. Sounds like a pretty great friend to me.

Uncle Cooper: Is everything okay?
Rachel Gatina: Yeah, I'm fine. I was just scared that you...
Uncle Cooper: The baby Rachel, I meant is the baby okay.
Rachel Gatina: Cooper, when we were arguing, I was so angry and I was hurt. So, when I сказал(-а) I was pregnant I was just...
Uncle Cooper: Get out! I сказал(-а) get out!

Rachel Gatina: I know Ты saved my life.
[Nathan looks uncomfortable]
Rachel Gatina:...
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Nathan: I need to ask Ты a question. If I don't go to Duke, if I don't play college basketball- I mean if today is the best it ever gets for me, will that be enough?
Haley: Of course! Nathan, as long as Ты are a good husband and a good father to your son.
Nathan: What?
Haley: It's a boy Nathan. You're gonna have a son! Although I have to tell you, someday he's gonna tease his father for playing like crap at the state championship. Ты might wanna change that.

Haley: Stay the hell away from my husband.
Rachel: I was just giving him a proper thank you.
Haley: Please, your thank you's send people...
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Something I Can Never Have (#2.17)
Keith Scott: How could Ты do this to me?
Dan Scott: Everytime I thought about Ты screwing my wife and the сердце attack Ты gave me it got easier.
Keith Scott: I can't believe you.
Dan Scott: Well maybe Ты could find out in the phone book. Look under 'w' for whore. But wait she's not that smart so look under 'h'.

With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept (#3.16)
Keith Scott: I'm not gonna leave Ты here son. I'm not gonna do that and i'll tell Ты why. Cause I've been there. I've bought the gun, and i planned on using it ok. I've been there. And...
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Ok, I was watching my OTH Season 4 DVDs the other день and was paying special attention to the life lessons that they residents of дерево холм, хилл were teaching, so here are the вверх 5 things I have learned from watching One дерево Hill.(I will include examples from OTH)

5.Trust Is Earned!- With all the drama going on in дерево Hill, it's not hard to see that trust has to be earned. When Ты trust somebody Ты have to let them in all the way, and when they earn that trust, it should'nt be hard. Peyton finds it hard to trust the ones that she cares about, because everyone she has ever cared about leaves....
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I find myself always Письмо Статьи about similarities between characters and shows, and this Статья is no different.
Have Ты ever seen the OC, Ты know the story, and Ты know that although the two (oth and the oc) are two teen dramas, they couldn't be еще different. But I find that the similarites are practically endless. It's strange really how they can have so many similarities and still the two shows can seem complete opposites. Let me explain my conclusion.

Both are stories of brotherhood. Defiantly different types of brotherhood- Ryan and Seth being Друзья from the start and growing...
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3.02 - From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
*When Nathan and Lucas are playing a pick-up game at the Rivercourt, Lucas' рубашка is drenched in sweat. The Далее time Ты see Lucas his рубашка isn't wet at all. But then it's soaked in the Далее scene.

3.03 - First день On A Brand New Plant
*At the point when Lucas and Haley realize their are right Далее to each other and right Далее to Nathan's as well, Lucas has short hair that is not really styled in any particular fashion, no facial hair, and a dark blue рубашка on. In the Далее scene, where he is walking with Brooke to her locker, his hair is about a quarter...
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