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 Behind the Scenes of OTH (Brooke's house)
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Haley Пение - crazy girls
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 Lucas ♥
Lucas ♥
Apart from their Любовь for the game of basketball, it seems Lucas and Nathan are two young men, with very little in common, but they are bound together by the dark secret that they share a father. Nathan is the звезда of дерево Hill's Raven's and a local town hero, while Lucas is the son of single mom, Karen.
But the two boys world's collide when Lucas is put on the Raven's баскетбол team, and the half-brothers compete, not only for control of the court, but for the сердце of Nathan's girlfriend, Peyton.

 Nathan & Peyton ♥
Nathan & Peyton ♥
The episode starts with the Raven's playing an important basketball...
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Peyton Sawyer dropped a cardboard box onto the floor of her new home, sighing softly as it hit the ground with a thud.

She kicked at it with her foot while observing the house quietly. It was too big. She was just one person, and yet she knew there was at least one extra bedroom.

Why had she purchased it again? Peyton knew she could answer that Вопрос herself. She’d always grown up in a large, empty house, why not do it again? Plus, this could be fun; decorating her own new swinging pad.

Right. Decorating her own new swinging pad by herself. Oh, she could just see the great times she’d have...
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Jingle Bells, Lucas Smells
By: SamiJane
Genre: Parody
Lucas Scott hardly ever listens to the radio. Lucas Scott hardly ever listens to any musical piece of work that is not already on his I pod. Lucas Scott hardly ever pays attention to any musical suggestion from people other than Peyton Sawyer, and maybe Nathan Scott. But most of all, Lucas Scott never ever listens willingly to any song или diddy flowing from the vocal chords of the one and only Chris Keller. But, on this uncharacteristically below freezing December night, Lucas Scott...
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(Also on Leyton spot.)

So... I know Leyton are totally meant to be, but for some totally obsurd and ridiculously crazy reason, some people have doubts that its peyton that lucas calls.

I am here to prove otherwise.

So first things first, Mark has сказал(-а) that Leyton is happening Далее season. We don't know if its just for a short while или if its finally for good, but this DEFINATELY gives Peyton a bigger chance of being the one Lucas calls, no? And earlier in the season, when she kissed him, he full on kissed her back! Ты don't just effing Kiss someone who Ты don't like. and people- he wrote to...
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