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posted by JenniferJareau
So, I Любовь One дерево Hill, it is a great Показать with great writers. But I caught OTH in a mistake. It's about Haley's pregnancy in season 3/4.

Haley got pregnant at the end of season 3. In season 4, episode 3 it becomes clear that Haley is pregnant and not Brooke. Haley is almost whole season 4 pregnant . She gives birth to Jamie at graduationday, so that must have been in June. The weird thing is that the schoolshooting ( episode 3x16) is in March. Ты can see in a several episodes that the день Keith and Jimmy died is in March. Ты can see the дата at their gravestone, it says they died the first of March. Now if Haley gets pregnant after the schoolshooting, she gets pregnant in March. So she would be three months pregnant in June. How can she give birth after being three months pregnant? It just doesn't make any sense.

I know it's a tv Показать and i'ts not real. I just noticed this and I thought it was kind of funny.
posted by ggseason8
Forget the Grammy’s we have the Raven’s!!! Yippy!! So this is pretty much just like the Grammy’s Ты vote, and then they announce the awards. This is how Ты vote:


1. What is your Избранное Color: The color that Ты like best.

A. Red
B. White
C. Black

1. A

When Ты send your ballot in, make sure the subject is: The Raven Ballot. Ты have until the thirtieth to send your ballot in. Please send it all at once. If Ты have any Вопросы feel free to send me a message, или post a comment. Have fun.

1. The Golden Raven Award: The Character that changed the most over the first five seasons....
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posted by gossipgirljade
 lucas, the boy who started all the sharing...
lucas, the boy who started all the sharing...
So Ты guys already know brooke and peyton have shared many boys, but I wanted to compare the relationships they had with each guy so here it goes...

. Lucas- he's the main boy they shared. i think they both had great relationship's with him. ultimately, peyton ends up with him but, brooke brings out the wild,fun, and crazy side of him that we all love.I think that в общем и целом, общая БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) had the better relationship, they made lots of mistakes and grew as a couple from them.

. Nathan- They didn't really share him, but brooke did sleep with him. Brooke has a great friendship with nathan,but we never...
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