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Daemon’s TV recently got a chance to talk with Hilarie полиспаст, бертон about her upcoming six-episode arc on USA’s
WHITE COLLAR. With her first episode airing on Tuesday, August 10 at 9pm, she had plenty to dish about her character, Sara Ellis, an insurance investigator, who has a past with Neal and Peter.

Hilarie полиспаст, бертон talked about coming back to Телевидение after taking a год off, her experience working on ‘White Collar,’ what’s coming up for her character, the previously talked about possible romance between her character and Neal, and much more. So enjoy the interview and don’t forget...
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posted by Laurencia7
This is just a thought/observation I have had for a while, not a jab at anyone, and therefore should not be taken as such, just wanted to share the confusion

Something I have thought about for a while, the тушить, тушеное мясо that is STW или Sex with OTH. They say everyone Ты sleep with, Ты sleep with everyone they slept with.


Peyton slept with Nathan, so did Haley and Brooke.
So Brooke and Haley have slept with Peyton by osmosis/one guy. And half the cheer leading squad.

Then Brooke slept with Lucas, and Then Peyton.
So Brooke and Peyton have slept with Luke and each other twice!

Then in turn, since Brooke...
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posted by cs-fabulous
Bare with me, this is my first article.

I think its funny as a die hard One дерево холм, хилл Фан who has never missed an episode that i inevitably hate one of the main charachters, a character who is actually takes up most of the screen time. When it was first advertised One дерево холм, хилл was about a young boy breaking into his brothers 'perfect life' Lucas who was portrayed as the sweet, thoughtful, caring child. Unlike Nathan, the rich, mean child. But i find myself dislike-ing Lucas even when his attitude improves to people and life is at its best.

The beginning of my hate, i know its a strong word i...
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