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Холм одного дерева Избранное CODA song from episode 15 ?

58 fans picked:
1x15 || "Elsewhere" - Bethany Joy
4x15 || "Life Is Beautiful" - Vega4
5x15 || "Hometown Glory" - Адель
6x15 || "Once When I Was Little" - James Morrison
3x15 || "Dark Blue" - Jack's Mannequin
7x15 || "Smile" - Cheap Trick
2x15 || "You've Changed" - Bettie Serveert
8x15 || "The Girl (Acoustic)" - City and Colour
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 XNaley_JamesX posted Больше года
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XNaley_JamesX picked 1x15 || "Elsewhere" - Bethany Joy:
Also 'Dark Blue' & 'Life is beautiful'
posted Больше года.
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bdavisrocks picked 5x15 || "Hometown Glory" - Адель:
This and Dark Blue <33
posted Больше года.
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rorymariano picked 7x15 || "Smile" - Cheap Trick:
Cheap Trick FTW <333

Also Life is Beautiful and Dark Blue
posted Больше года.
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Angelika picked 4x15 || "Life Is Beautiful" - Vega4:
Also Hometown Glory by Adele
posted Больше года.
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mooshka picked 4x15 || "Life Is Beautiful" - Vega4:
I'm in love with this song atm.
posted Больше года.
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abs07 picked 5x15 || "Hometown Glory" - Адель:
and 415's, but come on, Hometown Glory, there's no beating that! And I gotta admit, though I'm no BL fan, it was a great scene for them with the song playing in the background. The song talks of memories and they were once in love, so this scene kinda showed that there's still a connection between friends that'll never go away :)
posted Больше года.
last edited Больше года
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leytonfaan_18 picked 7x15 || "Smile" - Cheap Trick:
posted Больше года.