Холм одного дерева Which Нейтан и Хэйли season 1 is your favorite?

Pick one:
1x08- First Kiss
1x09- I'll Kiss Ты later
1x09-We're not alone. We have the forefathers with us
1x09- Nothing else matters
1x10- When you're ready, I'll be too
1x10- Jerk never called Ты back did he?
1x11- I think you're really Храбрая сердцем
1x11- I've never seen Ты like this
1x11- I like to be with Ты too, but the real Haley
1x15- If I'm gonna live in the moment, then I just wanna live in it with Ты
1x17- Ты scared me
1x17- I'm kinda filling in for Theresa
1x18- Why don't Ты come see me around midnight
1x19- Эй, you, wake up
1x19- I Любовь Ты
1x22- I don't want Peyton, I want Ты
1x22- No it's ok
 jsjazz13 posted Больше года
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