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posted by smileyAqua
Ты sighed as Ты looked out the window of the club; bored. Sometimes Ты wondered why Ты even came to the host club, Tamaki called all of his clientele ``Princess``, Ты weren`t a Фан of incest, and the others just didn`t amuse you.
Taking one last look at the perfect view of the rose garden, Ты turned away from the window and paid attention to Tamaki, who`d been calling for Ты for the past 5 minutes. Gathering into the large group of fangirls who were anxiously waiting for his announcement, Ты sighed as Ты looked to Tamaki. He was the only reason Ты went there.
``Okay, the reason I...
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posted by numnumyellow67
 At Lobelia Girls Academy
At Lobelia Girls Academy
I looked in my locker.
Where on earth did I leave it?
I looked everywhere, in the trash, my desk, even the cafeteria. No where to be found. I went out to the sidewalk in front of my school to see if I dropped it on my way here . Lobelia Academy. I hate this place, Benibara and her little Zuka Club wont leave me alone.
"What are Ты looking for?", I heard.
I turned around.
"Oh, Hichii!",I said. "Um, nothing. just Остаться в живых my lunch".
"I could help Ты find it", he replied.
"No, no! I'm fine", I сказал(-а) worried.
"Are Ты sure?".
"Yes, yes! Just go...Do something".
"Um..Okay?", and he walked off.
Whew. That was...
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posted by jt4ever
 Ryou Lockhart
Ryou Lockhart
Name: Ryou Lockhart
School: transfer student at Ouran Academy
Family: jump from foster family to foster family, now at an orphanage
Style: androgynous, whatever's clean, idk
Age: 14

Meeting the Host Club:
I came to the Музыка room to sign up for some lessons, I opened the door, and Розы started blowing in my face(I'm allergic to roses). Gagging, I stepped further into the room, bumped into (supposedly) a brick wall. Upon turning around, I saw the Стена had eyes! Still unable to breathe I stumbled into a chair, and into someone's lap! Clearing up, to see eight dreamy eyes staring back at me!
"Oh, I'm...
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