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posted by StarBambie
Hello 2 everybody! first of all sorry 4 my english,but i'm italian and i don't speak it really well!
About 1 месяц назад i was surfing on the net and on my windows live when i found an account of a "Paris Jackson". at the beginning i didn't believe in her..i tought she was just a poser like the hundred others,but i started talking to her.
She seems really nice and she speak a slang american like a 13 years old girl. She often change personal pic with фото i'hv never seen on the net( i've Опубликовано some on this site). Slowly i started to trust in her. When i ask about everything she always Ответы me clearly. now i think she can be her!!!
i post here her windows live: swagga_pjay@live.com
Tell me your opinions =)
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