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The newly created пингвин stared blankly at his fish. Having tears forming at his eyes, soaking his feathers on contact with the salty liquid. He couldn't stop thinking about his past life as a human. He missed his family, his friends. Everything is going to hell. And no matter how much he wished, he was stuck like like this, a flightless bird.

The short пингвин in fount of him had a concerned expression stuck on his face. He felt like he needed to say something, something to comfort him.

"A-are Ты alright?" He сказал(-а) in a British voice.

He didn't respond. Before the British bird could speak up, someone barked across the room;

"Private! Get over here."

"Coming Skippa. He said."

The depressed пингвин looked up. What kinda name is Private? Well, it is easy to remember I guess. He saw four birds huddled up in a circle. Constantly glancing back at him.

"I know your talking about me behind over there. So what ever Ты have to say, Ты can say it to my face. Like a real ma- I mean a real male penguin." He сказал(-а) sitting up in a stern voice.

"I told Ты the shields don't work Skipper" The tallest bird whispered to a short one standing In the middle."

"Alright" The one in the middle said. "Here's what we were saying." Then quickly he pointed

his flipper and yelled "Get him!" Then all four penguins pounced the lone one and started punching at him. Yells and screams echoed around the room under the Penguins habitat. And then a metal door behind the dog pile opened, and a brown figure walked in.

"Hey what's going one?" It yelled in a female voice.

"We're a little busy- Marlene" The one of the penguins сказал(-а) between grunts. Marlene heard muffled screams beneath them.

"Are Ты guys fighting someone?"

"Yes. A spy." He replied. The female groaned and rolled her eyes. She walked over to the pouncing group and one by one she grabbed them and threw each of them off, to reveal a ruffled up, frightened penguin. He was wincing and silently groaning in pain.

"What the!? What were guys thinking!?"

"That he was a spy." A shortest one said.

"Are Ты guys crazy?!" She yelled again. "You just can't assume that every single animal that arrives at this zoo, is a spy или a minion to 'Dr. Blowhorn.'" She said.

They all stared at her for a секунда and the tallest one spoke

"Actually His name is 'Blowhole.'"

Marlene growled and went over to the пингвин on the ground. She put his flipper over her shoulder, and grabbed his waist. "When Ты guys are ready to make him fell welcome, Ты can have him back." She сказал(-а) as she and help the пингвин out of the metal door she entered from.

"Maybe she's right Skippa, maybe he's not an evil spy." The British пингвин said

"Well Private, do Ты have any proof?" Skipper said.

"Well." Private сказал(-а) "He was crying. And he seemed, depressed."

"Depressed?" Skipper said.

"Ah Depression: A mental disorder characterized by an all-encompassing low mood, accompanied by low self-esteem" The tallest bird said.

"Well thanks for the Lesson Kowalski." Skipper сказал(-а) sarcastically "So what are Ты saying Private?"

"I'm saying: maybe we should leave him alone for sometime. Ты know?" Skipper looked back at the tallest one, he shrugged his flippers.

"Alright." Skipper sighed. "Well leave him alone. Maybe Marlene can talk to him.

At Marlene's habitat, they both walked from a hidden door that was built in the Стена of the cave. Greg looked around and saw the various paintings on her walls. A lot of them are painting of Asian objects and writing. Marlene walked him over to her stone постель, кровати and laid him down on it.

"Is there anything I can do to make Ты fell better um..." She paused.

"Greg" He said, still keeping his head down.

"Marlene" She replied, looking at him contently.

Feeling better due to the hospitality of Marlene, he sat up. "There is something Ты can do. Ты can tell me what the heck is wrong with the penguins!"

"Oh trust me. They're like that to every one who is new to the zoo." Well almost everyone. She thought. "Once Ты get to know them the can be very kind."

Greg pulled himself to the back of the постель, кровати and leaned his back to the wall. "I don't know, We came off to a bad start. He didn't even let have a chance to do anything!"

"Well." Marlene сказал(-а) "How about Ты just stay here that night and we'll all talk tomorrow."

"It, sounds like a plan."

"So how did Ты get here?" Marlene said.

Greg eyes widened and put his flipper on his head. "I… I." He sighed

Marlene grabbed his shoulder. "Greg, look at me." Greg turned his head to her. "You can tell me. It's better to let something out than to keep it in. Because it's-"

"Because It's unhealthy to bottle your emotions." He cut her off. "Alright" He sighed "You see I'm not like any other penguin." He сказал(-а) beginning his story. After he finished Marlene raised an Eyebrow.

"That's it?" She asked.

"That's it? I told Ты the turing point of my life, and your response that's it!?"

"Well it just... it was, Ты know, anti climatic." She сказал(-а) wearing a sheepish smile.

"Marlene my life isn't a fanfiction. I can't make it so intersection или even so good, That someone would take my Название name, and story line, and try TO MAKE IT THIER OWN!" He yelled. [1]

"What the heck are Ты talking about?" Marlene сказал(-а) confused.

"Uh nothing." Greg said.

"Alright I'm sorry." Marlene said, finally feeling content. "Well, Greg Ты know what?" He looked at her. "You cheated death. You've been дана a секунда chance. Be grateful for that!" Marlene сказал(-а) smiling.

He look at the выдра, оттер with a hopeful face. " Your right Marlene. I have a new life. So I should take advantage of this one, and try not to die this time."

Marlene laughed. "Well Ты do that" She сказал(-а) walking to her bed. " But right now," She yawned "Let's get some shut eye."

"That's another great Idea Ты had."

Authors Notes

Wow I didn't expect to Загрузить this chapter so fast. But there is a big reason why I did:

[1]: In the rated M section. There is a story called: A Chance at a секунда Life. Hmm sounds familiar right. By what I can tell by the first chapter, It's about when a human dies and he gets turned into a penguin. And then he joins the penguins. That...is... AWESOME. Why Ты ask? Someone liked my idea so much, that he/she took it and just made it his own. That's that kind of boost I need to write my story. So ottoXmandarin92, keep it up Ты free loader! I'll think as this as a competition. The original author, versus the copycat. Well until Далее time!
~ Of Thursday and the Times ~

“All right, men, none of us want to see Marlene shipped out of here, so we need to come up with the right plan to block it,” Skipper declared as he took his сиденье, место, сиденья at the таблица with the other penguins. “I want to hear every possible option.”

Rico grinned at the thought of every possible option, and promptly regurgitated a stick of dynamite.

“Kaboom! Kaboom!” he mumbled as he pulled the stick from his mouth. “Ha, ha, ha!”

Skipper shook his head.

“I like your attitude, Rico,” he said, “but what would we blow...
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*raises hands defensively* I know, I know, this is already up on Kowalski's Фан page, but honestly this place is еще active, so...

Alrighty, this contains my theory on how the heck it is, Kowalski always whips out his clipboard from nowhere, but in truth, It’s еще of a ridiculously long one-shot on Kowalski’s past.

Skipper waddled over to the coffee maker, pouring himself a cup. He turned, opening the fridge. "Hm, where did I put that...?" He mumbled to no one in particular. It was only five a.m. and the others were still sleeping. He always got up before they did. "Eh, there it is..."...
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Kowalski:I have done it!
skipper:done what?
kowalski holds a metal box with a кепка, колпачок and brings it over to the таблица to Показать skipper.
skipper:group meeting for kowalski's new invention!
private and Rico walk away from the T.V and over to the table.
private:sooo what is it?
kowalski:well this is my new dream machine.
skipper,private,and Rico look at each other and shrug in confusion.
skipper:what does it do?
kowalski:well it will bring the illousions in our mind,which Ты call dreams,alive.
skipper:aces kowalski. this may be the best invention yet!
kowalski secretly blushing takes his invention...
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Kowalski is walking down the busy sidewalk and stops when he sees Skipper sitting on a улица, уличный corner with a tin can to collect change.
Skipper: Spare change for a new lair, please? Over here, I need dough!
Kowalski: Skipper? What are Ты doing?
Skipper: Kowalski, I never thought I would be happier to see your brain. How far are we from a new lair?
Kowalski looks in the cup and sees one Конфеты wrapper along with a button.) At this rate centuries.
Skipper: We are depending on Rico and Private now.
Kowalski: No we’re not.
They see two penguins, Rico and Private, heading toward them.
Skipper: Report....
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(The penguins are enjoying a lovely, peaceful день at the zoo, getting bad cases of sunburn without mercy.)
Kowalski: I think I’m getting a облако burn, Skipper.
Skipper: Right, and can’t Ты see my bad case of moon burn? Seriously, man, there isn’t a облако in the sky.
Private: It doesn’t matter. I have a sky burn. What can Ты do for something like that?
Skipper(threateningly): Whack some sense into yourselves или I will do it for you. Actually, Rico, pass me the sky block. SPF 15, soldier. I do like to keep a decent figure.
Rico coughs up the sky block, moon block, and even the облако block...
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I found this on youtube. Kowalski and Rico were awsome in this video.(well that's my opinion)
Пингвины Мадагаскара
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Kowalski descended down the ladder into the penguin’s HQ, having just gotten Skipper to confess one of his deepest secrets. His vision panned from one side to the other, scanning the inside for the other penguins.

Rico was sitting in the corner as usual, brushing his doll’s hair and cooing at her. Seeing thing brought a smile to Kowalski’s face. Even though he thought of their relationship as weird, it was still kinda cute to see Rico act like that and Kowalski couldn’t help but smile at the manic bird.

His eyes continued to pan until they fell upon Private. The youngster was sitting...
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This video really shows фото that shows that they like each other!!!!
After losing his crown, Julien screams as a Billy Joel song plays. I actually sang along with it the first time I watched it. This is NOT a video I created; I merely found it on YouTube and placed it in this section.
Пингвины Мадагаскара
king julien
crown fools
billy joel
the stranger
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A Skipper toy put out by McDonald’s for “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.” He says “Just smile and wave, boys” and “Progress report!” This is NOT a video I created; I merely found it on YouTube and placed it in this section.
madagascar 2
Пингвины Мадагаскара
plastic пингвин
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New Transfer
It was early in the morning when I was getting the team ready for today's schedule. They were all there except for Kowalski. I had дана Kowalski orders to go and see what all the commotion was about in Alice's office last night. I was almost done telling everybody everything for today, when Kowalski jumping into the H.Q. "Speak man." I commanded him. He was out of breath and looked excited and worried, which was making me anxious. "We are getting a new transfer." Kowalski сказал(-а) when he caught his breath. "New transfer!" I exclaimed. "Tell us more" Private сказал(-а) anxiously. "Well..."...
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"Give me all Ты peng yoo ins got!" And yes, I did make this YTP. ^^
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So after some mild searching the penguins were booked. Skipper got a job as fry cook at Mickey D’s, Kowalski was a substitute teacher, Rico was on highway construction, and Private was booked taking the assembly line for packaging strawberries. First we will start with how Skipper is doing as a fry cook at Mickey’s.
Skipper: Flipping burgers. No problem. (flips some patties. Suddenly the grill bursts into flames. Skipper: We got a burning grill! Retreat, retreat! (Dives to the floor)
Manager Maurice comes in and sees patties as hard as rocks. Maurice: Look what you’ve done. Ты have fifty...
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