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 Madeleina Hypnosis
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Beware of Madeleina Hypnosis!!!!
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This is a MUST SEE! XD
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 The Skilene theory
The Skilene theory
I watched The выдра, оттер Woman two times, but in the секунда I noticed something more.
Many Фаны will say: "Skipper fell for Arlene, not Marlene!". Yes. This is true (except if Skipper was really pretending). But in this episode, is almost clear that Skilene (Skipper and Marlene pairing) happens.

1 - Skipper сказал(-а) Marlene is the right "guy" for help them. He ignored the real guys. Skilene probability: 35%

2 - When Skipper fell for Arlene, he says something "flirty" about her [Arlene]. In the same scene, Marlene gets jealous and annoyed. She also сказал(-а) "Skipper". Only "Skipper". She don't became annoyed/jealous...
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marlene:"skipper skipper were are you?"
skipper was sleeping in the hq like always.
marlene:"oh there Ты are WAKE UP"
the shout startled skipper resalting in him wakeing up.
marlene:now that your awake heres what I woke Ты up for since it is your bday the old squrel made a gift for you.
skipper:oh well in that case.*runs out*
kowalski:hey whate up
at the tree.
shalla(old squrel):young worreir I persent Ты with this *holds link sout*
skipper:"you don't expet me to ware that do you?"
shalla:put it on"
*skipper puts on the link sout*
shalla:now come with me theres еще to be shown"
*skipper floows shalla...
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