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Author's note: Эй, this is my first Фан Fiction story that I made on FanFiction.net everyone over there seemed to like and I hope Ты guys too. Also I use some Metallica songs in my story (Yes I combine POM with Metallica.) Songs I used: The Memory Remains, King Nothing, Nothing Else Matters, and the Unforgiven Part 1.Also sorry for any spelling errors, and please no don't say anything bad it's my first story.

A Rocking roommate
Chapter 1: The News

    It’s a normal Sunday morning, and the penguins are outside doing their usual training routine.

“… And kick, punch,...
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It was midnight. A box arrived at the Zoo. It was дана to Zookeeper Alice, who brought the клеть, ящик over to the пингвин exhibit, then opened it. Out came two penguins, a small one, and a taller one. Alice left once the two creatures were in the exhibit. "Where are we?" asked the smaller penguin. "I don't know.us It's too dark. A football stadium, maybe?" The two dozed off.

"Skipper, who's that?" a voice said. "I don't know, but they better leave! Rico!"
The girls woke up. "Who are you?" the small one said. "I'm Skipper," one said, "this is Kowalski, Private, and Rico." "Bleyableh!" сказал(-а) one of the taller ones. "Oh. Well, I'm Kat, and this is Ally. Nice to meet you!" сказал(-а) the taller girl. There was a long silence, broken by Rico. "Bleh!" he yelled.
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Another clip of Madagascar 3 Sorry, it's in French, but it's still so funny XD
king julien
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