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     Fallout Chapter 2: Following in his Footsteps

Private stepped outside and was greeted by the bright sun. He’s never seen a light so bright before due to the fact he’s lived inside an underground свод, хранилище all his life. His eyes were able to adjust to the bright sunlight, and as soon as he did he saw the outside world. Wasteland, everything around him was destroyed. Roads, nearby houses, the landscape, everything. Private followed the road, thinking it would lead him to where his father is. As he’s waddling, he can’t help but to look at all the destruction around...
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posted by Sylvia_Puffin
Okay, I decided to take a break from my other fanfiction to write this. It's a Kico story, so if Ты don't like Kico, please don't waste your time commenting on it.

I was in my lab, fiddling absentmindedly with a piece of wire while staring at the wall.
I had been trying to figure out the greatest mystery of all: love.
Why do we feel love? What is it exactly? And why can't I understand it?
I picked up the smoking device at my side. It was supposed to make me know the Ответы to all these puzzling questions, but it hadn't worked.
"'Walski?" a hoarse voice asked.
I looked up. Rico, my friend and practically...
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By request of link. Hope I haven't Остаться в живых my touch. ;)


Kowalski Barf: Take 1

Skipper: *slaps Private* WRONG! The lesson is leadership is MY job! Ты just stick to the cuteness and happy British swag! OK, guv'na?

Private: Right Skipper! I'm a jolly pip I am! Hahaha!


Director: Where's-

Kowalski: AAAAAAHH!!! *runs by still looking like a Marsh Meow Meow*

Rico: *chases* MEOOOOWW MEOWWW!!!

Director: I thought I сказал(-а) not to ACTUALLY put Конфеты coating on him!!

Skipper: But Kowalski likes to really get into his role!

Director: *facepalm*

Kowalski Barf: Take 2

Skipper: *slaps...
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posted by 27Kowalski
 Skipper and Marlene
Skipper and Marlene
Autor's Note: That's my first "fan-fiction" (I don't know if this can be called fan-fiction, since it's just a little story...). Anyway, this story was a dream I had last night, so it hasn't the most logical plot, but it's still cute in my opinion. Enjoy it!
PS: If there are some grammatical errors, please tell me, I want to improve my English. Thank you.


It was a nice день at the Central Park Zoo; Marlene, as usual, wanted to see what her feathered Друзья at the HQ were doing...

*Marlene entered the HQ, after knocking, and saw...
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Note: This is not the final chapter. There's going to be one или maybe a couple more. I hope I get еще Комментарии this time, because last time I didn't get as many Комментарии as anticiapated. Please, comment, if Ты wish, Ты don't have to, though.

The Далее день Skipper went fishing again, and Private was alone. Private took the diary and tried to take off from where he had left off.
Dear Diary,
It is the день before the wedding.

No that wasn't it. He finally reached it.
Dear Diary,
.......................... we decided to name him Private.

Private dropped the book in shock. Then it hit him: his mother's...
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Micha had Rico tied to a дерево and Kowalski was frantically searching through vivid colored testubes.
M: "You know, I'm getting kinda hungry, if Ты don't find it soon i'm going to have to eat Ты both."
R: "Help!"
K: "Don't worry, Rico. Skipper will save us."
M: "He might try for a while until he gets hungry too. He'll be on my side when his hunger kicks in. He won't be able to resist you."
K: "You're wrong Skipper wouldn't hurt us."
M: "You mean the old Skipper. Not this new werewolf Skipper. None of Ты will stand a chance."
Clouds filled the dark sky and hung over the eerie full moon. A loud clap...
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posted by evviefoxx
******A/N: What's up!! So I've been messing around with the idea of Skilene in my head for a while now. Oh yeah, I admit it. I came up with a little two-shot and thought I'd post it here first since I know a lot of Skilene Влюбленные hang around here. Enjoy! Oh and, reviews make me type faster. Thanks!! ******

Marlene was bored. It was a bright, sunny день with very little to do to pass the time and the zoo was unbearably slow. She had spent most of the день having a go with various hobbies with less enthusiasm than usual so she gave it up as a bad job and decided to go visit the guys and see what...
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Kowalski and Rico have just started a new relationship. But when they are captured by Officer X, a big turn of events puts their relationship at risk. Can they work together and get home? And exactly what are Skipper and Private doing to find them? Kico
"Rico, dynamite!"

Skippers urgent, demanding voice rang through the sewer. Rico hacked up the glowing red stick and threw it into one of the pipes. KABOOM! A blast of water shot out of the pipe, along with twenty или so of the крыса King's servants.

"So rodents, how is your plan going to block the...
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