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Annabeth walked in the room and dropped her keys. She walked toward me. I stood to meet her. Her blonde hair was tucked behind an ear on the left side. Her gray eyes looked almost black. "I'm so tired" she moaned. I hugged her hello. As we were embracing she talked about her day. She works as a building designer. At lunch break she went to Olympus to build a temple to Ares. I kind of stiffened at the mention of Ares. I hated that guy as if he were a sultan. I nudged her forehead with my lips. She looked up at me. I pressed my lips against hers. Soon it was a real kiss. Annabeth kissed me back. What we did later was not G rated.
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I stared at the night sky. It was all black there were no stars out. I had runaway a 5 years ago, my mom thought it was because I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t that I was miserable it was the problems the monsters, the pain. Ten years назад my mom had a baby tiffany. I was only two but I still remember the neglect the rejection. My mom and step dad favored tiffany over me all the time. Tiffany had blue eyes and hair like кукуруза silk. She looked down at my brown hair and sea green eyes. Like I wasn’t welcome. They all looked at me like that. When my twelfth birthday came my parents forgot. FORGOT!...
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