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posted by daughterof3
I couldnt believe what nico had said. Nothing. well maybe he could just go back to camp halfblood. Tears finally stop falling off my eyes. Finally an two hours later we made it to a small little river lake thing where a small ferry sat with a figure dressed in black robes and cloacks covering his face and body. His breathing was rattled and strained. Nico reached his hatful hand into his pocket and pulled Золото coins out and poured them out into the stark white outstreched hand.
"Climb Aboard". the ferry mans raspy voice scratched out. Larley Aand Georgie stood back on the ground and didnt even...
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posted by daughterof3
Nico opened a small tunel leading into the Другой мир so we didnt have to go all the way to hollywood. Nico grabbed my hand and slid down the tunnel with me. I Let a smile spread quickly across my face but i think nico saw me becase he turned his head and laughed. When we reached the bottom larley and georgie came crashing down.
Nico and i led the way.
"So Ты guys are an item,i didnt know Ты broke up with veroica". Georigie gestured to my hand which was intertwined with nicos. And he hastily tore his away.
"No i didnt, i cant". and nico jogged several paces in front of me. Tears threatned behind...
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posted by daughterof3
Nico'ssoft statment tingled my body all over. Larley stood akwardelynext to nico but turned and stood Далее to me instead. We all went to our seprate cabins to pack. Nico burst through the door.
"I need to go home"!
"i LEFT MY WEAPONS THERE"! Oh my god he couldnt remember anything could he.
"Fine but we have to be quick". Nico came with me to my кабина to help me pack. I heard him giggle. Boys didnt giggle. Then i saw it nico was holding up one of my black bra's.
"lets see what size are you". I jumped over the постель, кровати and snatched it away from him and threw it into my duffel bag. He remained...
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posted by daughterof3
How could i dream of Nico? I didn't even like him. I didn't want to get up. I had Headache beacase my head felt like i had added five pounds to it. I jumped out of постель, кровати and stared in the mirror that Percy had put in for me. My hair no longer reached my воротник bone. It passed down to my third rib. i changed into my оранжевый рубашка and jeans. I braided my hair but it still hung at the same length. I wrapped my hair into a bun to hide its length. I stepped out and the sun blinded my eyes. people were milling around waiting for the breakfast horn to blow. And it did. I followed everyone else to the...
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posted by daughterof3
"The ball Alena is a Маскарад duh". She сказал(-а) this like it was painfully Obvious. We walked down several streets. Finally Талия stopped and went into a little tiny store i didn't even notice. Costumes, mask's and other things i didn't even know the name of. Талия grabbed what she needed and we headed home.

When we got to camp everyone was running around everywhere. Im surprised we got our bags back to my кабина without dropping them или falling ourselves. My Bunk must have been cleaned off by Percy beacase all of my clothes were in the hamper on the other side of the room, and my pajamas...
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Талия and i walked to the холм, хилл and at the bottom of the холм, хилл was a cab waiting for us. It was at least four so we still had time to go shopping. Талия gave our driver instructions and we drove off towards new York. Талия led me into a store i had never entered before. A woman greeted us and showed us the dresses. Талия grabbed ten dresses off the shelf and shoved me into a dressing room. Талия was sitting outside the dressing room. I came out in a white dress with a blue sash.
"No next". The Далее dress was green and had pleats everywhere.
"Nope". I tried on two розовый dresses, one whole blue...
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posted by daughterof3
When i woke up, Percy was pulling a рубашка on.
"Alena can Ты tell me what happened"?
"I guess". I didn't want Percy to tell me i had overreacted and i certainly didn't want him to tell Nico i had been swimming and Поцелуи Matt.
"Well me and Matt had gone swimming".
"You guys went together"? His eyes were swimming with questions.
"WE were splashing and i splashed to hard".
"Alena Ты are Poseidon's daughter Ты have to be careful playing with water around people Ты are off guard".
"Well he went under the water for a couple of минуты and so i went to go look for him, I found him on a rock under...
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posted by daughterof3
"YOU LITTLE DIRT BALL"! I tore my mouth from his.
"Im so sorry Alena i...i ".
"YOU have no modesty do you"? I grabbed my рубашка and pulled it over my wet bathing suit. I tugged my shorts on and stalked away. There were tears in my eyes. I wanted to go back a hit Matt but i kept my body moving вперед instead of back. My eyes were blurring from the tears clogged in my eyes. I was walking so fast blind i ran into something that pushed me onto the ground.
"Is she okay"? Came a voice like wind chimes.
"I'm fine". I tried to get back up but my feet weren't working".
"Let me help Ты up". A...
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posted by daughterof3
I didn't want to believe it but i knew it was true. I loved the way he was quite outspoken and different. Nico helped me all the way to the кабина but as soon as the stuff was put down he left. Percy walked in with Annabeth trailing behind. When he saw me he stopped dead in his tracks.
"Oh sorry Alena do we need to leave."? He started to turn around but i stopped him.
"No i wanted to go swimming anyway".
"Oh okay um theres bathing Форс-мажоры in the camp store".
"How do i get in there"?
"Ask Matt he'll know". I wasn't going to ask any еще Вопросы i just wanted to get out of the cabin. I slid out as...
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posted by daughterof3
With his last words Nico left the room. Tiffany glared at the back of his head as he left.
"Tiff your elven".
"SO"? She sniffed.
"Well if i dont have a chance your a long shot".
"What do Ты mean"? I didn't know what she was about but she still looking at me like i was playing dumb.
"You like him duh". Not waiting for my answer или my protest she walked out. I took one last look at my old room and followed her out. I felt one tear roll down. I furiously wiped it off my cheek. I wouldn't cry for my old family. I wasn't three anymore i'm thirteen and a stone cold girl who lived on the streets of new...
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posted by daughterof3
We walked around new York until we found my moms apartment. I led the group up the elevator and down the hall to my moms residence. I knocked twice just like i used to when i would come Главная from school so they would know it was me. My mom answered the door.She wore a mask of stone.
"Charity". Her mask wavered for a moment realizing hadn't called her mom или anything of the origin , her face turned harder and colder if that was possible.
"Enter". we all filed in one after another. Tiffany come running out of her room.
"Mom wears my skirt"? She looked at me and my Друзья her eyes slowly...
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posted by daughterof3
Tyson wanted to stay for a couple of days. So all three of us walked down to dinner. I sat at the таблица i had sat at breakfast. Percy led me to the bonfire for sacrifices. I slid my пицца into the fire."For Poseidon". I sat back down and shoveled the remains of my Еда into my mouth and finished it off with Pepsi from my goblet. Percy leaned into my shoulder.
"Meet Annabeth, Nico and me by the холм, хилл after Ты get your things". He got up and walked away towards the cabin.Chrion looked up from his meal and stared down at me, i looked him straight in the eye. He went back to Еда but i knew he was...
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posted by daughterof3
I went to the creek like Percy had instructed.
"Put your hand in the water". I slid my hand into the water and it slithered up onto my forearm and healed my cut. I smiled.
"Ya it is i use it all the time. Percy knelt Далее to me and put his hand in the creek. It healed his wounds as well.
"Sorry i flew off the handle and um attacked you".
"Ah its nothing Ты shouldve seen me after my first day". As me and Percy sat at the пляж, пляжный the sun slid behind the mountains and the moon stood alone.
"You should meet Tyson he would like you".
"That would be cool".
"Do Ты want to meet him right now"?
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posted by daughterof3
Percy сказал(-а) he would drive me to the apartment because he didn't want me walking. Percy walked off in Поиск of Annabeth. Chrion walked up to me standing at least two feet taller than me.
"Were are Ты going"?
"To get my stuff".
"No Ты are not allowed to leave camp half blood unless Ты have a quest или Ты are going Главная after the summer is over".
"Fine". i found Percy and told what had happed.
"That sucks".
"So after ужин then"?
"Yep Annabeth and Nico are coming to". Percy told me to go to the creek for sword practice.
"OK". The день passed by slowly and before i knew it i had sword practice....
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posted by daughterof3
After we finished breakfast and like he сказал(-а) we dropped my bag off.
"So were Ты prepared to leave home"?
"The bag, Ты packed".
"I ran away a год ago".
"Oh bad parents".
"Very cruel family".
"Well camp rules say Ты have to call your mom".
"Shes not my mom".
"Well Ты have to call her". He went over to the fountain.
"Just toss a coin though the water and say Показать me whatever your moms full name is". I grabbed a coin a through it through the water.
"Show me charity Cole". My mom appeared on the screen. She was in my room throwing things in a trash bags.
"Mom"! I yelled at the screen she looked...
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posted by daughterof3
"Yeah". I responded my tone must have been кислый because he scooted away a few inches.
"Sorry i didn't mean to sound well mean".
"Its okay but Nico was just trying to help".
"How did Ты kick the crap out of Mara anyway"?
"She pissed me off i have улица, уличный smarts and good luck".
"What do Ты mean good luck"?
"Well i wished water would just knock her down because i didn't want to". He stared at me wide eyed.
"Come with me now". He grabbed my hand with some force it was going to leave a bruise. He tugged me behind him until we came to a rough gray stone building with seashells and and coral....
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posted by daughterof3
When i woke up everyone was milling around the кабина shouting или laughing. I tried to tune them out and go back to sleep but it didn't work when a boy was shoved into my bed. I tumbled out the other side while everyone snickered i tried to get to my feet. The boy on my постель, кровати got off and walked out of the cabin. I walked over to my постель, кровати but as soon as i sat down a loud horn bellowed challenging us to ignore it as it rang loud clear for a whole two minutes. I sighed and hastily made my bed. I stumbled out of the кабина as everyone pushed and shoved trying to get out. when i finally made it out i...
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posted by daughterof3
The whole кабина was lined up outside and soon everyone was headed down to a mess hall. I followed them but farther away then i shouldve. Soon i got lost. I walked and walked but i couldn't find my way back until finally i found a beach. I sat on the sand and cried. I just cried. Because i didn't know were i was and i was being led back into disappoint and rejection. I missed my mom and how she used to care before tiffany. So sat there and cried. It felt good i hadn't cracked in a long time. I got up and dried my eyes. I looked into the water to see my reflection. No wonder people looked at...
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posted by GWENxTRENT
I made this spot's hard to put. I just had an idea for a fanfic about Percy and me (don't ask), so...BAM! The Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction spot popped into my brain during math yeah..I made this! Post anything Ты want on here. Fanfics, pics, vids...ANYTHING! The only rule has to be about the Percy Jackson books. SO HAVE FUN AND LET YOUR MIND BE YOUR GUIDE TO THIS WONDERLAND OF PERCY!
Dannie, goddess of Imagination, daughter of Athena (As far as Ты know.)
Percy: ...Alright! ^^
Annabeth: *face goes red with jelousy*