For my Momma P who is a beautiful, strong, independent, brave, kind, gentle-hearted, survivor, and warrior! To her Peyton Sawyer is еще than just a character, she's inspiration and healing! I Любовь Ты Laurencia this is for you!

she is the girl with the most amazing heart
Ты fall in Любовь with her whit and charm it pulls Ты in from the start

Ты can't deny her grace, her compassion and her beauty too
it comes at Ты with such force and magnitude

she never fells to say hello when she sees your online
i swear i could talk and laugh with this girl for a life time

she doesnt care who Ты are или what's your Избранное ship
she sees Ты and only Ты and the Любовь that she gives is enough to make your сердце flutter and skip

she is someone Ты talk to everyday
someone who makes Ты laugh so hard that she takes your breathe away

but if Ты look closely Ты might just see that there is еще to this girl than the jokes that she brings
because amongst all the banter and fun
is a warrior who has fought many battles, has beaten the odds and has one

the thing i think i admire most about this beautiful girl
is the strength that Ты possesses even when her life is in a whirl

Ты see this girl this fighter that never gives in или stops believing
gives us hope that we can do anything, this Энджел that walks among us gives us reason

If there is one thing in life that I know to be right
it is that Laurencia is the bravest and most courageous person I will ever have the pleasure of meeting in my life